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New Homes For Sale In Aurora

Our new homes in Aurora are located near some of the Greater Toronto Area’s finest amenities and recreational activities. On this page, we’ll tell you why our properties are so sought after and how you can get in touch to secure your dream home in one of Southern Ontario’s finest cities.

About Our New Homes in Aurora

At Paradise Developments, our new homes in Aurora include semi and detached residences. Because we know location is key, we’ve placed these properties near the intersection of Wellington Street East and Bayview Avenue. In the area, you’ll find several amenities, including:

  • Sir William Mulock Secondary School
  • St. Andrew’s College
  • Aurora High School
  • Several chain stores, including Longo’s and The Home Depot
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre
  • Aurora Medical Clinic

In other words, purchasing one of our new homes for sale in Aurora places you at the heart of a vibrant community filled with every amenity you’ll need. The best part? it’s still growing!

Why Buy Into a New Development in Aurora?

Aurora is one of Southern Ontario’s most historic cities. While there are many old houses to choose from, experts still recommend buying into a new development in Aurora instead. Here’s why.

New Houses in Aurora are More Efficient

Ontario has a very strict building code. This code is always being updated to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Buying new houses in Aurora is the best way to benefit from the latest standards.

It’s Easier to Get Financing for New Builds in Aurora

Aurora’s new home builders can often help you secure pre-approval for financing on your purchase. You’ll enjoy the convenience of working with us on all aspects of your home purchase as opposed to seeking financing all on your own.

Unlike with Old Homes, You Get to Choose Your Builder When Buying New

When you buy a home that’s a few years old, there are many uncertainties. You may not know who the builder is. Perhaps they’ve gone out of business or changed their name to hide past shoddy work. Buying a new build helps you avoid this issue. As the builder’s direct client, you can inquire about past work and perform thorough research. At Paradise Developments, our new builds in Aurora are just the latest in a long line of projects we’ve done all over Ontario. Countless Canadians currently enjoy the homes we’ve built since 1972, which is why we believe you can feel confident in dealing with us. Be wary of buyers that don’t have a strong reputation for delivering quality and providing comprehensive customer service. Things do occasionally go wrong with new houses in Aurora (or anywhere, for that matter) and it’s the builder’s job to guide you through those and leave you with a home you can be proud of.

The Location will Often be Better

Location plays a huge role in how much you’ll actually end up enjoying your new construction home in Aurora. Older developments are often in areas that are no longer hotspots. You may be far away from key infrastructure like new highways and transit hubs. We chose the location for our Aurora new home development very carefully. It lies just a short drive away from Highways 404 and 400. This allows you easy access to other parts of Southern Ontario, such as Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, and more. Wherever you work in the GTA, you’ll be able to get there quickly thanks to our careful planning.

Do You Want to Buy One of Our New Homes for Sale in Aurora?

We invite you to give us a call at 416-756-1972. Our staff will be happy to provide you more information about our new development in Aurora. We’d love to talk details to help you decide which of our homes in Aurora is right for you. Reach out anytime!

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Things to Know About Aurora

Here are some facts that will help you get familiar with your new city.

  1. There’s Tons of Nature to Enjoy
    While Aurora is swiftly becoming more urbanized, there’s still plenty of secluded nature to enjoy within the city. Head over to the Aurora Arboretum, a historic area containing an ancient tree known as the Bur Oak. This majestic oak is believed to be about 200 years old! Local authorities have done a magnificent job of maintaining the arboretum. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time.
  2. Aurora is Home to Stanley Cup Winner Robert Thomas
    The St. Louis Blues stunned the world in 2019 when they won the Stanley Cup. What you may not realize is that one player, Robert Thomas, is actually from right here in Aurora. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though; hockey is one of the most popular recreational activities in Aurora.
  3. Canada’s Famous Yonge Street Passes by Aurora
    Yonge’s street is most commonly referred to as the world’s longest street. While this is up for debate (some say it actually changes into another road en route to the U.S. border, its passing through Aurora is an indicator of how closely the city is connected to other parts of Southern Ontario. Yonge Street is just one of many major arteries you can use to zip from Aurora to other parts of the region, though.

Map of Aurora

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