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New Homes For Sale In Pickering

Looking for new homes in Pickering? You’ve made a good choice. While Pickering lies in close proximity to Toronto, it offers much more peace and quiet than you’ll find in the city itself. Another great aspect of buying a home in Pickering is that you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck than you would in Toronto. In this post, we’ll tell you why Paradise Developments’ new builds in Pickering are so highly sought-after. We’ll also tell you how you can go about choosing your dream home in one of the Greater Toronto Area’s hottest locations.

About Our New Homes in Pickering

Our new construction homes in Pickering include semis, townhomes, and detached houses. We offer plenty of customization options for these properties; get in touch with us to learn more. Pickering is a large city to traverse, even with a car. That’s why we chose this strategic location for our development. This spot is just south of the 407, west of the 412, and north of the 401. You’ll have no problem getting around to other parts of Southern Ontario. Our location is good for more than just your commute, though. The whole family will benefit, thanks to lots of nearby schools, stores, and restaurants.

Nearby amenities include:

  • Da Vinci Public School
  • Durham Catholic District School Board
  • Pickering High School
  • Pickering Town Centre
  • SmartCentres Pickering
  • Ajax Family Care Centre

There are dozens more amenities available as well, with countless set to join them as Aurora’s development continues.

Why Buy New Builds in Pickering?

While Pickering’s urbanization is ongoing, the city is actually one of Southern Ontario’s most historic, having been established in 1811. So why should you choose new builds in Pickering over one of the old residences that have been built in the many decades since? Here’s why.

You Get to Choose Your Builder

When buying a home, its build quality is very important. While inspections can reveal some issues, looking into the builder’s reputation can clue you in on whether to expect more. If you buy an old home, the builder may no longer be in business. You may not be able to look at past projects of theirs or get in touch with them to inquire about their construction methods. This puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding what you’re buying. At Paradise Developments, we’ll gladly answer any questions you have and point you to past projects. We’ve been building homes in Ontario since 1972. Thousands of homeowners have been satisfied with our properties, which can be found not just in Pickering but Aurora, Kleinburg, Ajax, and several other Southern Ontario hotspots.

You Can Choose What Type of Home You Want

Finding the perfect neighbourhood doesn’t do you much good if the style of home you want isn’t available in it. With our new homes for sale in Pickering, you have your choice of semis, townhomes, and detached residences. This offers a much greater deal of flexibility than you’d find in an already-established neighbourhood where only one or two homes might be up for sale. Once you’ve chosen the actual house style, you can also make some customizations. At Paradise Developments, we aim to make this very easy for you. Contact us for more information about the customization options available for each type of house.

New Construction Homes in Pickering Often Come with Financial Guidance, Including Mortage Pre-Approval Assistance

This is one of the best perks of buying a home directly from the builder. At Paradise Developments, we’ve partnered with Scotiabank’s specialists to help you secure pre-approval on your mortgage. They can also help you get up to speed on financial requirements. And believe us, most people could use a hand here. Canada has some strict requirements concerning downpayments. These are intended to ensure that you stay financially stable while buying a new home in the country. When buying a home under $500,000 you’ll need to have a downpayment of 5%. That stretches all the way up to 20% if you’re looking to buy a home for $1 million or more. First-time homebuyers are allowed to tap into their retirement savings to get this downpayment. Make sure you take these requirements into account and allow yourself time to save up before you begin making purchasing decisions.

Interested in Our Homes in Pickering?

If you’re interested in learning why our new homes for sale in Pickering are so sought after, give us a call at 416-746-1972. As mentioned earlier, we’ve been helping homebuyers just like you choose properties in Ontario since 1972. We try our best to be your single solution for not only finding the right home but receiving information about financing and more.

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Things to Know About Pickering

  1. Buying a House Here is Relatively Affordable
    Southern Ontario has a reputation for being a red-hot housing market. Buying a house here is much cheaper than buying one in Toronto, for example. Another way to look at this is that your money goes much further in Pickering than in Toronto. You’ll get a better home in a better neighbourhood, for less money than even modest properties are going for in Toronto. The best part? Pickering is just about a 30 minute drive from downtown Toronto. That’s not a bad commute at all.
  2. There are Many Amenities and Attractions
    Don’t let Pickering’s proximity to downtown Toronto fool you into thinking you’ll be heading there whenever you want to enjoy some recreational activities. Pickering is plenty fun on its own, with facilities like the Pickering Town Centre and Pickering Recreation Center offering lots of fun for the whole family. We’d be remiss not to mention the Pickering Farmers’ Market as well. It runs every Tuesday from June to October, offering residents a chance to pick up locally-sourced produce. Aside from food, you can also enjoy live music and family activities at the Farmers’ Market.
  3. Pickering is Huge
    While Pickering gives off somewhat of a small town vibe, the city is quite large. Check it out on the map below.

Take a Virtual Tour of Pickering

Looking for a street-level idea of what life is like in Pickering, Ontario? Check out this virtual tour.