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New Homes For Sale In Kleinburg

Looking for new homes in Kleinburg, Ontario? Not all communities are created equal. Here at Paradise Homes, our new homes lie in a picturesque village with stunning views of nature and easy access to other cities in the Greater Toronto Area. In this post, we’ll share some tips for choosing homes in Kleinburg. We’ll also share some fun activities you can enjoy in your new community.

What To Look For With New Homes In Kleinburg

  1. Location
    When looking at new homes for sale in Kleinburg, preference should be given towards properties that offer easy access to other parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Our new development in Kleinburg is located not far from the intersection of Highways 27 and 407. It doesn’t get much more conveniently-located than that! This location places you just a short drive away from Vaughan, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and other Toronto-area hotspots.
  2. Options
    A Kleinburg new home development ought to offer you a wide selection of options when it comes to home designs and styles. At Paradise Developments, we offer:
    • 20’ Luxury Townhomes
    • 30’ Luxury Homes
    • 38’ Luxury Homes
    • 44’ Luxury Homes
    Each style is meticulously designed to incorporate classic touches. Our home interiors serve as an upscale yet neutral canvas for you to go wild with personal touches.
  3. Competitive Pricing
    One of Kleinberg’s primary draws is that it offers luxurious homes at prices far below what you’d pay in other parts of the GTA. In Toronto proper, box in the sky will set you back upwards of $1 million. Our luxurious townhomes in Kleinburg start in the $800s. Enjoy more green space than you’ll ever find in Toronto, all within a short drive’s distance from the city.
  4. A Good Builder
    None of the above really matters unless you’re working with a builder who has a reputation for delivering quality and properly addressing client concerns. At Paradise Developments, we’ve been in the business since 1972. That amounts to more than four decades of experience. In that time, we’ve built more than 13,000 homes and pleased countless buyers, many of whom are repeat customers. The high demand for our Kleinburg new developments (not to mention others throughout Ontario) stands as a testament to what we’ve accomplished throughout our existence.

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About Kleinburg

Not familiar with Kleinburg? It’s an unincorporated and historic village in Vaughan, Ontario. Kleinburg was founded in 1848 by John Nicholas Kline. Its name, in German, translates to “small castle.” Kleinburg developed throughout the 1950s and 1970s into a home for affluent citizens. Its major expansion began in the 1990s and continues today with new projects from Paradise Developments and other builders. It has been home to several notable residents, including author Pierre Berton, former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, and McClelland & Stewart co-founder John McClelland.

Things To Do In Kleinburg

If you’re interested in one of our new homes for sale in Kleinburg, you may also be wondering what there is to do in the area. Here are some of the most popular activities near our Kleinburg new developments.

  1. Visit The McMichael Canadian Art Collection
    The McMichael Canadian Art Collection offers arguably the best glimpse into the life and work of the Group of Seven, an acclaimed art collective. Six members of the collective are actually buried on the museum’s grounds. Also on the museum’s grounds, you can find a stunning sculpture garden, plenty of trails, and, of course, lots of artwork. The museum was one of the first to display works by Indigenous Canadians. Many of these pieces are part of its permanent collection. You’ll also find several traveling art installations from time to time.
  2. Check Out Hawthorne House
    Hawthorne House, located on the corner of Islington and Nashville, is the place to go in the GTA for authentically unique clothing, fabrics, and jewelry. Even if you’re not shopping, the historic home offers a valuable glimpse into Kleinburg life during a bygone era.
  3. Avlyn Gardens
    Avlyn Gardens is another great local business working out of a historic house. The Victorian residence was flawlessly converted into a classy Italian restaurant that remains popular among residents looking to celebrate any occasion.
  4. Kleinburg General Store
    The Kleinburg General Store underwent a somewhat tense renovation process in the 2010s. Thankfully, it’s now been reopened to the public. The historic building dates back to 1901 and was featured in an iconic painting by Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson.

Map of Kleinburg

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