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The videos below will help you learn how to choose home accessories that will grace your new home for years to come.

Paradise Developments® offers Online Design Seminars for the convenience of our purchasers. Paradise Developments® makes this opportunity available online to help better conform to your lifestyle. Tune in to these seminars online to assist you in understanding the various options that are available to you during your Design Finishes appointment. Let us help you make your new house a "home".

paradise design guide

Floor Tiles

  • Ranging from Standard to Upgrade 4. As seen in price book.
  • Porcelain and Ceramic options.
  • Higher leveled tiles available in larger sizes depending on availability. (Ex. 12”x12”, 18”x18”, 12”x24”, etc.)

Hardwood Floorings

  • Ranging in wood species.
  • Hardwood Flooring plank widths ranging from 2 1/4” to 3 1/4” plank widths depending on the species purchased.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Ranging in wood species of Red Oak and Maple.
  • (3) Engineered Hardwood Finishes: Wire Brushed; Hand Scraped, & Natural Gloss
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring plank widths ranging from 3” to 6” plank widths depending on the species and finished purchased.

Laminate Flooring

  • Large selection of makes and colours.
  • (3) Levels of laminate flooring upgrades.
  • In the case a purchaser has one of these flooring types as standard or as a bonus included in their agreement, the purchaser would only need to pay the difference to move to a higher quality floor or upgrade level.
  • Choosing the colour of your hardwood or laminate flooring is a Paradise Developments standard.


  • All laminate and hardwood flooring colours can be matched as a stain for the staircase if purchased (Upgrade).
  • Stairs, Railings and Pickets are stained in a natural finish as standard.
  • (4) Levels of railing and picket upgrades.
  • (2) Different kitchen suppliers to select from dependent on which site purchased.

Cabinetry Materials and Wood Species

  • Thermofoil
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • MDF
  • All finishes and cabinet styles are interchangeable given the same cabinetry material/species/ and upgrade level is being selected.
  • (3) Levels of cabinet style upgrades
  • Various different additional finish upgrades
  • Countertops are selected for all kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites. Powder rooms tend to have pedestal sinks that do not require cabinetry

Granite/Quartz/Marble – Upgrade Levels (5)

  • Primary Level Granite/Marble
  • Level 1 Granite/Marble
  • Level 2 Granite/Marble
  • Level 3 Granite/Marble/Quartz
  • Level 4 Granite/Marble/Quartz
  • In the case a purchaser has primary level granite in kitchen (bonus) included in their agreement, the purchaser would only need to pay the difference to move to a higher level.
  • All Granite/Marble/Quartz selections have the option of standard or upgraded edge options.
  • (3) Standard
  • (3) Upgrade
  • If the purchaser does not want to upgrade their countertops, there are a variety (25-30) of standard laminate countertops to choose from.
  • Due to marble being a fragile material, Paradise Developments does not allow it to be selected for kitchen countertops.


  • All standard sinks are top mount.
  • (1) Standard stainless steel top mount sink for kitchens
  • (1) Standard ceramic top mount sink for bathrooms.
  • It is suggested if a purchaser is upgrading to granite/marble/quartz that they upgrade to one of our various under mount sink options. (Both for bathrooms and kitchens).

Plumbing Fixtures

  • All plumbing fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms are stainless steel.
  • Various stainless steel upgrades are available for both kitchen sinks and bathrooms.
  • When a purchaser selects upgraded plumbing fixtures for a bathroom/ensuite the fixtures are packaged. (Ex. Fixtures include bathtub, sink(s) and shower. Purchaser cannot only upgrade the shower.)
  • In some cases purchasers may have white or stainless steel appliances (bonus) included in their agreement.
  • If the purchaser has this bonus and would like to upgrade further they are to deal directly with Appliance Canada.
  • It is essential that the purchaser understands what types, sizes, and styles of appliances they will be purchasing to help the consultant better prepare their paperwork and house design for those appliances.


  • 36" Stoves require a 36" opening – 30" is standard
  • Gas stoves require gas rough-in line
  • Built in appliances require the appropriate spacing.
  • Standard fridge opening is 36" X 72", a larger fridge requires a larger opening.

Trim & Baseboards

  • Various trim upgrade options available varying in sizes and widths.
  • All trim and baseboards are painted off white. Painted white is an upgrade.


  • Standard door interior is 80” in height.
  • Various upgraded interior doors that are 84” in height.
  • All doors are painted off white. Painted white is an upgrade.


  • Standard door hardware consists of the “ball design with painted hinges”.
  • Various upgraded knob and lever designs and finishes.
  • Various upgraded door hinge designs and finishes.
  • All shower and tub enclosures require a bathroom wall tile.
  • In addition to the standard wall tile choices there are (4) upgrade levels of bathroom wall tiles.
  • As an additional upgrade purchaser can select a floor tile to be installed on the wall in the bathrooms.

As one of the most important areas of a home, there are various upgrades available for the kitchen.

  • Kitchen Backsplash – (4) levels of upgrades
  • Kitchen Valance Trim (Does not include electrical)
  • Kitchen Valance Lighting
  • Kitchen Crown Molding
  • Cabinetry and Drawer Hardware
  • Pots and Pans Drawer
  • Kitchen Pantry Options
  • Microwave Shelf
  • Soft Close Doors/Drawers
  • Upper Angled Corner Cabinet
  • Glass Inserts
  • All standard lighting is ceiling lighting.
  • Generally Living Rooms and Great Rooms (as per plan) do not have standard ceiling lighting but rather an electrical outlet that is operated by a switch
  • All purchasers can purchase additional ceiling/wall lighting where required and requested.
  • Popular additional lighting locations are:
    • Ceiling of Great Room
    • Ceiling of Living Room
    • Above the mirror on the wall in Bathrooms/Powder Room.
    • Interior Pot lights
    • Exterior Pot lights
  • Popular additional electrical upgrades are:
    • Additional Cable Outlets (2 are standard, location determined by purchaser)
    • Additional Electrical Outlets
    • Additional CAT-5 Outlet (Computer)
  • Frameless or Framed Glass Shower Door
  • Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure
  • Smooth Ceilings – 1st Floor, 2nd Floor or both floors. (Must purchase by floor)
  • Conduit Pipe – For wall mounted TV
  • Upgraded Wall Paint – Throughout the house only
  • Use your Paradise Design “Handout” to find valuable information to help make your colour selection process easier.
  • Items in the Handout:
    • Phase 1 & 2 Appointment Checklists
    • Bank Pre-Approval – For Upgrades added to the purchase price.
    • Purchaser Worksheet – For Open House Browsing, to help document your preferences.
    • Paradise Design general information.
  • Become familiar with your price books
  • Contact your Design Consultant or Paradise Design regarding any questions or concerns.