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New Homes for Sale in Ajax

Are you looking for a new home in Ajax? You’ve chosen wisely. Ajax has become one of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) most sought-after residential regions. Finding your next home is about much more than location, though. Keep reading to learn about why our development in Ajax is the right choice for you.

About Our New Homes for Sale in Ajax

In A-Towns, our Ajax site, you’ll find some of the most luxurious townhomes in the Greater Toronto Area. We do our best to make these homes as customizable as possible (contact us for mroe details).
The quality of our homes is just the beginning, though. We’ve also chosen the location of our A-Towns development very carefully. Nearby, you’ll find:

  • Durham Catholic School Board
  • Baywood Centre
  • Ajax Family Care Centre
  • Ajax Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre
  • Iroquois Park Sports Centre

Our neighbourhood is also located just south of Highway 401, offering you easy access to other parts of the GTA. No matter where you work and play, you’ll be just a short drive away!

Why Buy New Homes in Ajax?

Wondering why you should choose from among our new homes in Ajax instead of the city’s many old homes? Here are a few reasons experts have shared.

You Get to Choose Your Builder

When shopping for new construction homes in Ajax, you’re able to research builders very thoroughly. When buying an old home, however, you may not be able to vet the builder thoroughly if they’ve gone out of business, changed their name, or are unwilling to speak with people who are not their direct buyers. Inspections will reveal whether your home has pressing issues. Unless you’re able to research how the builder’s other projects have aged, however, your understanding of your new investment will be limited. At Paradise Developments, we understand that moving into your home is a major milestone. Our warranty and comprehensive customer service ensure that you can do this without stressing over defects or imperfections. Mistakes are rare -- but when they happen, we’ll make it right.

It’s Often Easier to Secure Financing on New Build Homes in Ajax

You may be able to secure financing on a new build much easier than you would on an older property in Ajax. What’s more, your lender may offer preferable rates. To make financing truly a breeze for our clients, we’ve partnered with a Scotiabank pre-approval specialist. This specialist will be able to advise you on many things, including requirements outlined by the Canadian government concerning down payments.

You’ll Spend Far Less on Maintenance

At Paradise Developments, we don’t think you should have to spend your first few weeks living in your new home fixing issues and quirks the previous owner may have gotten used to. With our new homes for sale in Ajax, you’ll get a fresh slate plus a builder’s warranty so you can spend more time enjoying your new neighbourhood than worrying about fixing issues.

Get the Right House and Location

In addition to getting a high-quality home worth being passed down over generations, you’ll get the best location in Ajax with our development. Our close proximity to the 407 and 401 offers quick access to nearby municipalities like Oshawa, Ajax, and Toronto. Many people living in Ajax commute to one of these cities for work. With our development, your commute will be swift. Choosing the right location is about more than just what currently lies around your development, though. You also need to consider what proposals are being made for the surrounding area. If you pick the right spot, you may benefit from future increases in your home’s resale value thanks to new highways, schools, and hospitals. At Paradise Developments, we take this into consideration when choosing a location for our new build homes in Ajax.

Interested in Our New Homes for Sale in Ajax?

To arrange a model home tour and learn more about our new build homes in Ajax, give us a call at 416-756-1972. Our staff has helped countless Ontarians into their dream homes since the 1970s and we’d love to do the same for you.

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Things to Know About Ajax Ontario

As you consider making Ajax your home, here are some things to know about it.

  1. The City was Named After a World War II Battleship
    HMS Ajax was a Royal Navy ship that fought during World War II. It was famous for serving in the Battle of the River Plate, Battle of Crete, and Battle of Malta. This name wasn’t chosen at random, though; Ajax played a major role in funding the World War II efforts through a Defence Industries Limited (D.I.L.) plant that employed thousands. The modern city was actually built on the foundations of the infrastructure that helped Allies win the war.
  2. Ajax Has One of the Most Diverse and Fastest-Growing Populations in Southern Ontario
    Ajax’s population has exploded in recent years. It’s also one of Southern Ontario’s most diverse cities, meaning you’ll find lots of welcoming culture and people to enjoy here. More than 65 languages are spoken in Ajax.
  3. Ajax is Just One of Many Cities Along Lake Ontario
    Lake Ontario lies just south of Ajax. Residents of cities all throughout Southern Ontario enjoy this lake as well as the many trails and recreational activities that lie around it. As one of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is truly majestic. It’s so large that the Canada/US border actually cuts right through the middle of it!

Map of Ajax, Ontario

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