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Aurora Trails Features -
  1. Selection of exterior colours including, brick, aluminum, roof, etc. as may be selected by the purchaser from the Vendor’s packages, if available, and if not previously ordered, or installed. The Purchaser acknowledges that the exterior colours may have been pre-selected or changed by the Vendor as a result of the Urban Design Guidelines provisions.
  2. Self sealing asphalt shingles.
  3. Windows are fully caulked and are installed with a vapour barrier.
  4. Insulated metal front entry door with weatherstripping.
  5. Sectional roll-up attached garage door.
  6. Energy efficient (low “E” argon) qualified sliding glass patio door with screen, as per plan. Thermopane sliding patio door for most detached units only with complementing transom above for additional natural light, where size permits, as per plan.
  7. Cold cellar, as per plan. (If grade permits.)
  8. Aluminum soffits, fascias and eavestroughs, as per plan.
  9. Thermopane energy efficient (low “E” argon) qualified vinyl casement windows on main and second floor except for garage and basement. Basement windows will be double glazed where applicable per plan.
  10. Screens provided on all operating windows.
  11. Poured concrete basement walls.
  12. Driveway to be paved asphalt. (Vendor will provide base coat asphalt) The finished coat will be completed by the Vendor at the Purchaser’s expense (not refundable) to be adjusted on closing.
  13. Lot to be graded and sodded to requirements of the Municipality.
  14. Two exterior water service taps; one in the garage and one at the rear or side, as per plan.
  15. Three exterior electrical outlets; one in the garage and one weatherproof outlet at the front and rear and all accessible second floor balconies, as per plan.
  16. Pre-cast cement slabs from driveway to front entrance.
  17. Exterior walls, ceiling, and basement to be insulated to Ontario Building Code standards.
  18. Quality 2” x 6” exterior wood frame construction.
  19. 5/8” or 3/4” tongue and groove subflooring throughout main and second floor, as per plan screwed down and joints sanded with an advanced Engineered Floor Joist System.
  20. Oak main staircase to feature oak stringers, handrail and pickets from ground floor to main floor (Street Towns & Detached Units) and from ground floor to main floor and main floor to third floor (Urban and Laneway Town Units), as per plan excluding stairs to basement and landings.
  21. 9’ ground and second floor ceilings (Street Towns & Detached Units). 8’ ground floor ceilings and 9’ main and third floor ceilings (Urban and Laneway Town Units). as per plan.
  22. Broadloom and underpad on second floor excluding staircase to all non-tiled areas (Street Towns & Detached Units), as per plan. Broadloom and underpad on third floor excluding staircase to all non-tiled areas (Urban and Laneway Town Units), as per plan.
  23. 2 ¼” Red Oak solid oak flooring from Vendor’s standard samples on ground floor (Street Towns & Detached Units) and ground and main floors (Urban and Laneway Towns) including staircase landings to all non-tiled areas, as per plan.
  24. Electric fireplace, as per plan.
  25. Carrera Series doors and trim with quality hardware. Arches to be trimmed on main floor.
  26. Smooth ceilings on ground floor (Street Towns & Detached Units), and ground and main floors (Urban and Laneway Towns). Sprayed and stippled ceilings in all second floor rooms (Street Towns & Detached Units) except bathrooms and laundry room, as per plan. Sprayed and stippled ceilings in all third floor rooms (Urban and Laneway Towns) except bathrooms and laundry room, as per plan.
  27. All interior walls, trim and doors painted with low VOC paint throughout, off white.
  28. Ceramic floor tile in the front vestibule, foyer (as per applicable plan), laundry room (if on main or second floor) powder room, main and principal ensuite bathrooms as per plan from Vendor’s standard samples.
  29. Custom quality cabinets on bathroom vanities, as per plan selected from Vendor’s standard samples. Extra height principal ensuite bathroom vanity and extra height kitchen cabinets, as per plan.
  30. *Primary Level granite countertop with standard edge from Vendor’s standard samples in kitchen and servery, and bathrooms, as per plan.
  31. Kitchen includes double stainless steel sink with single lever faucet and hood fan ducted to outside.
  32. Ceramic wall tiles in bathtub enclosure, as per plan. Bathrooms with separate shower stall have tiles around the tub and tiles to ceiling in shower stall, as per plan.
  33. Freestanding bathtub in principal ensuite from Builder standard selections, as per plan.
  34. Frameless glass shower enclosure in principal ensuite, as per plan.
  35. Quality plumbing fixtures in bathrooms.
  36. Single shower controls in all tubs and showers to feature temperature control valve.
  37. Chrome finish single lever taps on all sinks, basins and bathtubs excluding laundry tub.
  38. Pedestal sink and mirror in powder room, as per plan.
  39. Mirror in bathrooms and powder rooms.
  40. Electrical service with circuit breaker panel including heavy duty cable and outlet for stove and dryer as per the Ontario Building Code.
  41. Electric door chime.
  42. Smoke detectors on all levels as per Ontario Building Code standards and one carbon monoxide detector.
  43. Prewire for telephone service.
  44. Prewire for two (2) TV outlets, as per plan.
  45. Prewire for future home automation, 1 CAT‑5 prewire to terminate in Great Room from basement, as per plan.
  46. Rough-in central vacuum system. Rough-in for future dishwasher (plumbing and electrical).
  47. Rough-in 3 piece bathroom in basement, as per plan. (Location may vary from that shown on plan.)
  48. Qualified high efficiency forced air gas furnace and tankless water heater contributing to energy efficiency in the home. (Location may vary from that shown on plan.)
  49. Rental of tankless water heater. The purchaser acknowledges that the tankless water heater is a rental and agrees to execute a rental agreement on or before closing.
  50. Single fiberglass laundry tub and washer taps, as per plan.
  51. Taps installed for automatic washer connection.
  52. Warranty as set out by the Tarion Warranty Corporation (TARION), save and except the enrolment fee.
  53. White decora style switches and receptacles throughout.
Purchaser acknowledges that +
  1. The Vendor will not allow the Purchaser to do any work and/ or supply any material to finish the dwelling before final closing.
  2. If an item selected by the Purchaser is not available, the Purchaser must reselect from the Vendor’s samples within forty-eight (48) hours of notification, failing which the provisions of the Agreement in respect of an original selection shall prevail.
  3. Purchasers are notified that the side door (where applicable) may be lowered to accommodate side yard drainage as per grading or municipality requirements.
  4. Laundry room layout and stairs are particularly susceptible to alteration in order to accommodate building code, municipally approved grading and drainage requirements. Purchasers are notified that the number of steps to front entrance and rear entrance, landing and vestibule may be increased or decreased depending on final grading. Purchasers are notified that jogs in walls of rooms may vary from model to model to accommodate structural requirements and/or venting for the house.
  5. Main floor laundry room floor, landing and vestibules, where applicable, may be lowered to accommodate entry door(s) at the vendor’s discretion (unfinished basement ceiling height or cold cellar height shall be lowered accordingly). Some ceiling heights in various rooms, hallways and bulkheads may be lower than 9’, as per plan.
Notes +
  1. Natural products (i.e. granite, wood and marble) are subject to natural variations in colour and grain. Tile is subject to pattern, shade and colour variations.
  2. Purchasers must make all finishing selections from the Vendor’s standard selections. If the Potl/Lot/Unit/Dwelling is at a stage of construction which will enable the Vendor to permit the Purchaser to make colour and material choices from the Vendor’s standard selections, then the Purchaser shall have until the Vendor’s date designated by the Vendor (of which the Purchaser shall be given ten (10) days prior notice) to properly complete the Vendor’s colour and material selection form. If the Purchaser fails to do so within such time period, the Vendor may irrevocably exercise all of the Purchaser’s rights to colour and material selections hereunder and such selections shall be binding upon the Purchaser. No changes whatsoever shall be permitted in colours or materials so selected by the Vendor, except that the Vendor shall have the right to substitute other materials and items for those provided in this Schedule provided that such materials and items are of quality equal to or better than the materials and items set out herein.
  3. References to model types or model numbers refer to current manufacturer’s models. If these types or models change, the Vendor shall provide an equivalent model.
  4. All dimensions, if any, are approximate. Actual useable floor space may vary from the stated floor area, if so stated.
  5. All features, finishes, specifications and materials are subject to change without notice.
  6. Pursuant to this Agreement or this Schedule or pursuant to a supplementary agreement or purchase order, the Purchaser may have requested the Vendor to construct an additional feature within the Potl/Lot/Unit/Dwelling which is in the nature of an optional extra (such as, by way of example only, a fireplace). If, as a result of building, construction or site conditions within the Potl/Lot/Unit/Dwelling, the Vendor is not able to construct such extra, then the Vendor may, by written notice to the Purchaser, terminate the Vendor’s obligation to construct the extra. In such event, the Vendor shall refund to the Purchaser the monies, if any, paid by the Purchaser to the vendor in respect of such extra, without interest and in all other respects this agreement shall continue in full force and effect.
  7. Floor and specific features will depend on the Vendor’s package as selected.
  8. The Purchaser acknowledges that the exposed texture of the concrete ceiling finish is equivalent to concrete forming industry standards.
  9. The Vendor shall have the right to substitute other products and materials for those listed in this Schedule, represented to the Purchaser or provided for in the plans and specifications provided that the substituted products and materials are of a quality equal to or better than the products and materials so listed or so provided. The determination of whether or not substituted materials and products are of equal or better quality shall be made by the Vendor’s architect, whose determination shall be final and binding.
  10. Colour, grain, texture and appearance, etc. of features and finishes installed in the Potl/Lot/Unit/Dwelling may vary from Vendor’s samples as a result of normal manufacturing and installation processes. Sizes and specifications subject to change without notice.
  11. All suites protected by the Tarion Warranty Corporation.

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