If you’re thinking about buying a new home in the Durham Region, then this article will help you find some of the best new home builders in the area.

Homebuilders in the Durham Region have plenty to offer potential new homeowners. Some of those things include personalized floor plans and custom home finishes, as well as a list of essential amenities that are available in several communities around the area. These areas are larger (offering many big-city benefits) than you might think as well!

Not to mention, a brand new home offers owners a good start on building equity for rewarding financial benefits in the long-term. That’s especially the case when the homes of today come with a slew of modernized features, including smart technology and energy-efficient windows.

Here is a list of what we think are some of the most credible and sought-after new home builders Durham region.

Best New Home Builders in Durham Region in 2020

1. Paradise Developments

We start this list of Durham home builders with arguably the most reliable and well-known new home builder in all of the Durham Region; Paradise Developments. At Paradise Developments, we’ve been building some of the trendiest homes and communities for nearly four decades since opening up shop back in 1972. We’ve constructed over 13,000 exquisite apartments that have allowed them to earn and maintain the unwavering support of their customers for all these years. 

Before starting work, we always consider the most crucial aspects of a neighborhood, including the location, access to various amenities, a peaceful streetscape, as well as the wide-open spaces of that neighborhood. Not only that, but at Paradise Developments, we also collaborate with some of the most highly-reputed architects, designers, tradespeople, and planners with every home that they work on. 

Check out some of our newest developments in these great Durham Region municipalities:

If you’ve considered the rent vs. buy debate and decided it’s time to become a homeowner, these properties are all excellent first picks with forever home potential.

2. Jeffrey Homes

Another solid entry in the custom home builders Durham region department is Jeffery Homes. 

The Jeffrey family has built a virtually spotless reputation in the new home building industry for almost five decades. In an era where it seems that value, service, and quality have lost their true meaning, Jeffrey Homes has done a commendable job safeguarding these attributes and also showcasing it in their work. 

But what really helps Jeffrey Homes stand out from other home builders is that they have opted for greener or eco-friendly approach as their following accolades indicate; the 2016 Energy‌ ‌Star‌ ‌Builder‌ of the Year and the 2017 Green‌ ‌Builder‌ of the Year. Jeffrey Homes is also the recipient of the Durham Region Home‌ ‌Builder’s ‌ Builder ‌of the Year award, which they have won three out of four times.

3. DeSousa Homes

Durham Home Builders have recently been awarded DeSousa Homes the 2020 Awards of Excellence for Custom‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Kitchen‌ and Custom‌ ‌Build‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Over‌ 4,501 square feet. This should straightaway tell you precisely what you’re in for when asking DeSousa Homes to build a home for you. 

This company takes into account several vital aspects before home building, including preliminary designs, building permits, full architectural drawings, landscaping, project managing, and interior designing. 

Besides being committed to complete customer satisfaction, every project that DeSousa Homes approaches is done with the utmost care and quality that has earned them the reputation they have today. Thanks to the aforementioned notoriety and awards that they have accumulated over the years, DeSousa Homes vows to remain absolutely committed to their work ensuring that it is properly supervised and managed so that only the best results are delivered in the end.

4. Halminen Homes

Having been in service for over 45 years, Halminen has been responsible for building superior townhomes, single-family houses, and detached houses in Courtice, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Lindsay, Peterborough, Kingston, Port Hope, and Cobourg. 

They have carefully established years of superior workmanship and trust from their clients, which obviously shows in the end product. They ensure that the needs of their customers come first and also make sure that every trade is accountable to the exact level of excellence that they’re known for. 

Halminen Homes constructs properties not only of innovative design but also of lasting value and always strives to deliver the best experience to families within the Durham Region and the surrounding communities. Furthermore, they personally ensure that the houses remain completely accessible and that they are also energy-efficient, guaranteeing a reduced monthly expenditure on utility bills as well as an eco-friendly environment for the occupants.

5. Midhaven Homes Limited

This marvelous custom home building company was founded by the father-son duo of Peter and Sam Saturno in 1986, along with their highly trained and competent staff. 

Midhaven offers a different approach to homebuilding than other companies. Not only do they strive to make homes that look good, but they also want to ensure that their properties are also comfortable and offer a healthy environment for homeowners and their family members. 

That’s why most of their homes are ‌Energy ‌‌Star, and Greenhouse ™ labeled that guarantees a 30% reduction on energy bills. You simply can’t get any better than a beautiful house that offers a healthy and fresh indoor atmosphere. But that’s not all, for their properties also reduce water consumption by up to 25%. In the end, it’s all about providing potential homeowners the kind of house that is right for the family as well as the environment.

6. Home Pillars Inc

Home Pillars Inc is a leading custom home builder in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and other surrounding areas. They specialize in homes of various kinds, be it modern, custom, luxury, design-build, project management, or new home. And every home they build is done so with the highest level of quality and integrity. This is especially when they work closely with their clients to ensure they not only meet but also exceed their expectations. 

Home Pillars Inc is driven mainly by 100% customer satisfaction, which is how they have been operating for more than 50 years now. The company also brings integrity, authenticity, commitment, and design with every job they are given.