It’s been a busy summer for us! While you were (hopefully) spending some much-deserved time on the beach and enjoying the beautiful summer that we had, we were busy working away on our active projects. From Aurora Trails to CityTowns, there’s been a lot of progress made throughout the summer and we’re so excited to share that with you.

See what’s been going on with our projects lately:

Aurora Trails

Aurora1 Aurora2

All of our foundations have been poured! The majority of the lots on our site are currently being framed and bricked and you can see everything is really coming together. We’ve also started to insulate and drywall some of the first houses.

Impressions of Kleinburg

Kleinburg1 Kleinburg2

Over in Kleinburg, we’re started installing kitchens and we’ll be moving into more finish construction as we head into the fall. We’ll be continuing to push forward with framing and brick work on site as well!

Upper Mount Pleasant

Upper Mt1 Upper Mt2

At Brampton’s Upper Mount Pleasant, construction is at all stages right now. Depending on the specific lot location, each area is at a different stage of construction.


CityTowns1 CityTowns2

CityTowns is looking great! We are currently working on framing, bricking, roofing, and roughing-in plumbing and heating.

As you can see, we’re making good progress across our communities and we love seeing them grow! Stay tuned for more updates.