For many people, once they’ve secured employment or gained a reliable source of income, their next step is buying a house. This is the ideal precursor to starting a family and settling down. A house is not only an investment that cushions your family from uncertainty but also a place you and your loved ones can call their own.

This is why many Canadians buy a home at the first opportunity they get. Consequentially, the homeownership rate in Canada has been above 65% over the past decade despite economic challenges.   

With every generation of new home buyers, there are cities and neighbourhoods that seem to be more appealing. This often coincides with recent developments made in the area such as transport infrastructure. 

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is one such location that has proven to be a real gem for home buyers. While cities like Vaughan get much of the hype, Brampton, Pickering, and other areas have a lot to offer as well.

One place that stands out and is great for settling down is Ajax. Despite being a suburban town, it is thriving economically and contains a true reflection of the cultural diversity in the GTA. Recent developments in the area have transformed it into one of the preferred settling down areas for millennials.  

In this article, you will learn about the best neighbourhoods in Ajax and find out if you are cut out for living in Ajax.

Ajax Waterfront: Best Neighbourhood in Ajax for the View

Bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, from Finley Avenue to Bayly Street, Church Street to the west and Pickering Beach to the west is Ajax Waterfront. This neighbourhood is home to diverse residents. The types of houses in this Ajax area range from villas to mansions and other types of luxury homes.

If you’re one to marvel at a spectacular view, you’ll relish living in Ajax Waterfront. This region has an unrivalled natural beauty that features green open fields and creeks. For those who enjoy being outdoors, there are over six kilometres of parkland with picturesque views where residents go for walks, cycling, jogging and even line skating.

For real adventurers, the TransCanada Trail offers seven kilometres of fun that stretches from Belleville to Hamilton. Without a doubt, Ajax Waterfront makes for an exciting place to live in.

Of greater importance are the ease of access and the low crime rate, which makes it an ideal family neighbourhood. 

Pickering Beach

If you want to live in a classy neighbourhood, head to the east of Toronto towards Lake Ontario and you will find Pickering Beach. This Ajax area is famous for being home for the upper class and who’s who of the community.  

Though Pickering Beach is unincorporated, you’ll find a mix of exquisite cottages and modern homes that are products of impeccable architecture. Being one of the best neighbourhoods in Ajax, you must be prepared to spend a considerable amount to own a home here. 

South Ajax

One of the best places for people starting families in the Greater Toronto Area is South Ajax. This area is near Bayly and Salem and is within walking distance from Lake Ontario. This community is primarily made of young families as it was developed with the goal of making it a family neighbourhood. There’s also a variety of houses in Ajax to choose from, townhomes being among the most common.

The area has many daycares and schools, and its school system is lauded as one of the best in North America. For recreation, there are fully-equipped parks where children can enjoy the weekend.

When it comes to transport and access, you can rest assured that you will be able to travel in and out without traffic delays. The bus service is also reliable, and you can gain easy access to the Metro Toronto Area from the Go Transit Station.

Central Ajax: Best Neighbourhood in Ajax for History and Affordability

In terms of affordability and a view of the past, Central Ajax is the ideal place for living in Ajax. This region contains many developments from World War II and resembles cottage country. 

The houses in this neighbourhood are smaller than modern homes, which is why they’re more affordable. Even still, it’s a great place, especially for young families as it is peaceful and quiet, and there’s a great sense of community. Most of the social amenities are close by, and many exciting community events bring the neighbourhood to life. 

Tips for Buying Your First Home in the Ajax Area

Start Saving for the Downpayment Early

For most Canadians, the only way to buy a home is through a mortgage. To qualify for such loans, you must not only have a good credit score and reliable source of income but also raise 20% to 30% of the total value of the property you wish to purchase.

Therefore, if you wish to live in the best neighbourhoods in Ajax, you should begin saving for your down payment now. While you are at it, work towards reducing your debts. 

Think About the Future

Living in Ajax will undoubtedly be an excellent experience for your family. However, it may not be so if you stretch yourself too much. When you are calculating how much of your income you can afford to commit to loan repayments, factor in future expenses. 

You may not be paying tuition today, but five years down the line, you may have kids in school.

Hire a Real Estate Agent Who Knows the Ajax Area

The best way to ease the home buying process is to let a real estate agent do the heavy lifting for you. An agent will not only help you find the best houses but give you invaluable advice.

Is Living in the Ajax area a Good Idea?

When it comes to family-friendly communities, there’s no place in the Greater Toronto Area with better neighbourhoods than Ajax. It’s a place where children will enjoy growing up and has plenty of fun events and places to visit.  

Map of Ajax

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