Located in the York regional municipality, along the northwest boundary of Toronto, is the city of Vaughan. Officially incorporated as a city in 1991, Vaughan has five constituent communities, which are Kleinburg, Concord, Maple, Thornhill, and Woodbridge. 

Though the city was primarily known as an agricultural and milling area, over the last few decades, it has blossomed into a buzzing metropolitan.
As a result, it has become one of the most preferred living destinations in Canada, offering green spaces comparable to cities like Pickering and Ajax but with a more metropolitan feeling.

The city is multicultural, and there are different Vaughan neighbourhoods that offer unique living experiences. Read on to find out all about living in Vaughan Ontario and some of the best Neighbourhoods in Vaughan. 

East Woodbridge

For young families or individuals looking to settle down, East Woodbridge is arguably the best Vaughan neighbourhood. The area has many families with young children and has a high homeownership percentage. In fact, over 90% of East Woodbridge residents live in properties they own.

From detached family homes to prestigious mansions, Vaughan is home to a wide range of houses. The area is also home to luscious vegetation, ravines, and eye-catching scenery, making it serene. Prices for houses in the area vary greatly as some go for slightly over $500,000, whereas some can cost over $2.5 million.

If you love the outdoors, East Woodbridge also has many areas you can explore via hikes. Learn more about them here.

Sonoma Heights

On the western side of Vaughan is Sonoma Heights, a neighbourhood full of young families with a great sense of community. If you’re one who prefers living in Vaughan, Ontario in a community setup where there’s a connection with neighbours, Sonoma Heights is ideal for you. 

Sonoma Heights is largely a family neighbourhood with an average of two young children per household. Only 3% of residents in the area are renters. To become a homeowner in this neighbourhood, you should be prepared to spend $780,000 to $1.3 million. Most of the houses there are detached, with some being semi-detached or townhomes.

For recreation, there are both indoor and outdoor activities you can do at the Al Palladini Community Centre, Boyd Conservation Park, and Sonoma Heights Community Park. 


On the northern side of the city, you’ll find Kleinburg, one of the best neighbourhoods in Vaughan by far. This area offers you an exotic, calm, and safe setting away from the busy city streets. Kleinburg is a very elegant area where many affluent and prominent people live. This is reflected in the luxurious nature of houses here, such as our New Kleinburg development.

In Kleinburg, you’ll find a mix of heritage homes that were built in the 19th century and some recently developed estates. Kleinburg has a vibrant sense of community that ensures all new residents settle in quickly. The new private estates are marvellous and built with the highest level of craftsmanship to create picturesque homes.

When it comes to attractions and recreational facilities, Kleinburg is equally endowed. Along with numerous stores and restaurants, there is the McMichael Art Gallery, which features an exquisite collection of Canadian art. The area is also home to events such as the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Canada Day, and the annual Binder Twine Festival.

For outdoor activities, Kleinburg has plenty of places to cycle, hike, canoe or even enjoy some cross country skiing. For those who prefer a more reserved outdoor excursion, the Copper Creek Golf Club is just perfect.

Being just 25 miles from Toronto, Kleinburg offers a calm environment away from city life while providing easy access to the city. This makes it inarguably one of the best neighbourhoods in Vaughan. Kleinburg is also just a short distance away from Brampton, which is quickly becoming one of the country’s foremost industrial hubs.

Weston Downs

In between Langstaff Road and 73, on the west along high 400 is Weston Downs. Most of the residents in this area are professionals. 

Weston Downs features detached homes and large lots in a well-maintained community. As such, it offers a great and safe environment for children to grow up in. As it ranks high among the best neighbourhoods in Vaughan, prices for properties tend to be high. 

For recreational purposes, there are many restaurants and shopping malls in the area. 

MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills

On the Northern side of Maple, along Dufferin Street, is Mackenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills. The majority of the residents in this community are high-end professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and executives. 

The area is full of magnificent houses and expansive woods that make it scenic. As with other high-end Vaughan Neighbourhoods, properties in Mackenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills are quite expensive.

Columbus Trail

Want to live in a neighbourhood with different family types and a wide variety of cultures? Then Columbus Trail is an ideal place for you. The houses in this area range from townhomes to detached homes and semi-detached homes.

Columbus Trail has a family-friendly community that makes it excellent for bringing up children. When it comes to treating your kids on weekends, Canada’s Wonderland is nearby. More importantly, the real estate prices here are favourable, making it a suitable place for first time home buyers. 

Downtown Woodbridge

Downtown Woodbridge is another culturally dynamic Vaughan neighbourhood. Here you’ll find many different ethnicities, backgrounds and families at different stages. Among the residents are professionals starting in their fields, retirees, and empty nesters. 

Additionally, Downtown Woodbridge is a historical neighbourhood that mainly features condos and townhouses. The area has excellent scenery, and social amenities are within walking distance.  

Old Maple 

For history enthusiasts living in Vaughan Ontario, there’s no better place than Old Maple. As the name suggests, this neighbourhood has historical significance and is full of heritage homes. However, the area has a mix of longtime residents and newcomers. 

Is Living in Vaughan, Ontario the Right Choice for You?

Whether you’re a young professional looking to start a family or an affluent entrepreneur looking for a suburban home, there are many Vaughan neighbourhoods suitable for you. However, the greatest aspect of Vaughan is the sense of community. Other highlights include its stunning natural scenery and public parks.

Map of Vaughan

Learn More About Vaughan’s History

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