Pickering is known as one of the most unique destinations to live and offers close proximity to the lake as well as a small-town atmosphere. Is this reason enough to move there, read more to find out! 

Pickering Residential Street

Living in Pickering: A Short History 

The town of Pickering first belonged to the Iroquoian tribe but was taken over by French Missionaries and settlers who named the town Pickering after the town in England. What started as an area with about 800 people turned into a country with over 6,000 inhabitants within 25 years.  

Pickering is a town that is close to Lake Ontario and offers lakefront property that made it a popular vacation destination during the warm months. 

After the end of World War II, many developments formed to create and builds housing throughout the area. Once Highway 401 was accessible through Pickering, many manufacturing companies began moving their plants to the town and brought jobs with them. 

With the arrival of Highway 401, the Sheridan Mall – known now as the Pickering Town Centre – was built just off the highway in 1972. With this major development, many more families decided to move to the area and find jobs in manufacturing and retail. This boosted the economy and the town has been growing ever since. 

With this consistent growth, more families are deciding to make this town their home today. Why should you, let’s find out! 

Top 7 Reasons for Moving To and Living in Pickering

Pickering City Hall Building 

#1. Convenient Place For Commuters 

Because the town of Pickering has access to major freeways and is close to big cities, it is a great option for commuters to live in. How far is Pickering from Toronto? Well, Pickering is about 40 km away from the city of Toronto where many jobs are available for those willing to commute. Other cities within a short commuting distance include Whitby, Brampton, and Aurora.

This makes Pickering a top choice for those who want to find higher-paying jobs at corporations. Larger cities also have more city positions as well as political offices.

#2. Housing Prices in Pickering Are Low 

Though this area is close to the city of Toronto, and many people might think that prices would be high, housing is quite affordable. The median price of a house in Toronto can anywhere from $800,000 to over a million dollars. However, the average cost of a house in Pickering is just over $620,000

#3. Schools For All Ages and Education Levels 

Families that are wanting to find a new city to live in will look at the schools in the area. Pickering has many to choose from with 133 different elementary, secondary, and alternative learning centers in the school district and about 20 just in Pickering alone. 

There is also the Conseil scolaire de district Catholique Centre-Sud, which is a school board that features French-first language instruction. Children enrolled in this Roman-Catholic school district will learn fluent French along with Catholic religious history and rituals. 

#4. Appreciation For Arts and Culture 

If you’re looking for things to do in Pickering, Ontario, then getting involved in a large number of arts and cultural events in the city is a great way to get educated and have fun. With the Pickering Museum Village having touring events and allowing trips for students, teachers, and Pickering residents, you can see guest speakers and learn about the history of Pickering.  

There is also a large annual event at Esplanade Park which features multiple artists’ works and offers live music while you view the pieces. The city of Pickering recreation also puts on different events throughout the year that are all different and celebrate all types of art. 

#5. There Is Lots Of Things To Do in Pickering 

With a growing population that is not set to stop anytime soon, there are lots of forms of entertainment and ways to spend your leisure time. If you are wondering what to do in Pickering, you have lots of options in the city’s various neighbourhoods. With the Pickering Town Centre being a major shopping mall in the area and home to over 200 stores, you can spend a whole weekend there. 

You can take your time walking around the area and looking for a new outfit at one of the many clothing retailers, or getting a bite to eat at a local restaurant or eatery. Or, check out the Pickering Recreation Complex and attend a fitness class or swimming lesson. 

#6. Lakefront Property Available 

Being near Lake Ontario has its perks, and being able to explore the lakefront is one of them. There are properties that allow you to rent surfboards or kiteboards and allow you to head out onto the water. 

You can also choose to head over to Frenchman’s Bay Harbor to see the boats at the dock and walk around the marina near the water.  

#7. There is Plenty Of Food To Try 

For those of you who take their dining experience seriously, you will love the fact that Pickering has lots of foodie events to attend throughout the year. With the famous Pickering Food Truck Festival every summer allowing you to try different types of food and fusions in all flavors. 

There are also many fast-food restaurants and sit-down dining establishments to go to whenever you don’t feel like cooking that offers local favorites and international meals.

Fun Facts About Pickering 

There Are Only 100,000 Residents 

Although this area is popular and has been steadily growing, the population is still around 100,000 people. However, that is expected to go up to 190,000 by 2030.

There Are Many Residents Age 55-59 

The demographics of Pickering are diverse with many different types of people of all ages living together. However, recent demographics show that the highest number of people within a certain age range is those who are 55 to 59 years of age.  There are also 1,800 people that are over the age of 85! 

Map Of Pickering