If you’re looking to buy a new house somewhere in the Durham region, then this article is just what you are looking for. 

The Durham Region is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most affordable real estate destinations. Recent data from the Toronto Real Estate Board states that properties are sold at an average of $613,606, and most of the housing stock is meant for single families. That is about 28% less than the average GTA price of $852,142 and about 34% less than the Toronto properties that are sold for $925,498.

The Durham Region, which is situated in the eastern reaches of the GTA, houses a rich and economic landscape, consisting of high-level employees from nuclear power plants and General Motors. It is also strategically situated within a suitable commuting distance of Toronto.

And the fact that it has easily accessible lakes, plenty of tight-knit communities, and plenty of fun-filled and character-building activities, the Durham Region is a great place to raise a family. It has recently become a hotspot for providing a vast range of mom-and-pop shops, local farm-to-table dining, microbreweries, and modern millennial lifestyle among other facilities. In other words, you’ll get many benefits of living in a big city while also enjoying a more leisurely pace.

Durham Region is also great if you’re keen on moving from being a renter to being a homeowner! While even the most modest properties in the Toronto city core come with sky-high valuations, houses in Durham Region are bigger, more luxurious, and more reasonably priced.

There are several great communities to buy new homes in the Durham region, including Ajax, Whitby, and Pickering where you’ll find some of the best properties by Paradise Developments. We’re proud to be the best home builder in the Durham Region and other parts of the GTA.

New Communities and Homes in Durham Region

1. Pickering

Pickering offers numerous hiking trails, a lakefront backyard, green space, and neighborhood parks among several other fascinating amenities in its modern backdrop. And because of its close proximity to Toronto, the city of Pickering provides commuters easy access to the community while also offering a slow-paced lifestyle once they get back home.

The city is also a melting pot where people from various traditional and cultural backgrounds from around the world have migrated over here. Although most of the community still converse in English, other languages including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish are also spoken there.

When considering a move to Pickering, you’ll find that the city is one of the most affordable as it is ranked 18 for being the most expensive in the Greater Toronto Area. The average pricing for a house here is somewhere around $679,763 when compared to other cities in the Durham Region. At Paradise Developments, we’ll be more than happy to hook you up with new homes in Durham Ontario, with all the essential amenities and friendly neighborhoods you can find. Check out our properties in Pickering here.

2. Oshawa

Compared to the busy metropolis of Toronto, Oshawa’s real estate is about 60% less than that of the city. But whether you’re a city-folk or country, Oshawa offers the best of both worlds. While living in the rural northern area, the inhabitants can remain close to their favorite amenities while also being situated in a relatively quiet country atmosphere.

But if you’re looking for a genuinely affordable neighborhood to raise a family in Oshawa, then you need to head over to Vanier. The average housing price over there is only a little bit higher than what inhabitants pay in Central Oshawa. Still, it is very welcoming and suitable for families. This neighborhood offers the quickest access to a major shopping district and well-known French immersion schools. 

3. Ajax

The town of Ajax is significantly booming economically, making it a beautiful place to raise a family and is much less hectic than what you would find in a city. In the past couple of years, the town of Ajax has been recognized as an area of new build homes in the Durham Region, attracting prospective home hunters who are looking for a place to stay. New houses in Ajax come in a variety of sizes and styles, whether you’re looking for semi-detached homes, townhomes, or fully detached ones, including those by Paradise Developments. 

One of the reasons why many choose to live in Ajax is due to its affordability. That’s why it is the second-fastest-growing town in the GTA. The prices for single-family houses in the city are falling somewhere around $638,000 when compared to the towns that are closer to Toronto.

4. Bowmanville, Clarington

The community of Bowmanville is its very own thriving city, virtually surrounded by rural agricultural land and located 75 km east of Toronto. The reason why this is the case is because of the warm, humid summers and mild winters that create the astoundingly fertile soil. 

When it comes to housing, Bowmanville provides attractive deals for first-time buyers in the GTA.  Although it’s a little more expensive than the other communities – mainly due to it being close to current employment opportunities – it is almost 40% more affordable than the GTA’s average house prices and 7% cheaper than Clarington’s average house price rates. 

5. Uxbridge

The township of Uxbridge offers a plethora of community services such as waste collection, healthcare facilities, animal services, and emergency services. This town also provides social services, long-term care facilities, excellent schools, and a community club to your liking. And whether you’re looking for a place to stay, renovate your house, pay your property taxes, or even want to set up your utilities, the township of Uxbridge is at your service. 

Apart from that, Uxbridge also offers plenty of green space and a good feel of heritage as well. What’s more, is that the town is littered with a handful of forests and walking trails nearby that residents would want to go out for a stroll around town, including the Main Street drag. 

6. Whitby

Whether you’re moving to Whitby solely for work, starting a family, a change of scenery, or even retirement, this city has a little bit of everything to offer you and those around you. And to top it off, the town is quickly expanding in terms of facilities in population as many more people not just in Canada, but around the world also realize its potential. You get especially count on Paradise Developments to fix you up with something outstanding as far as new homes in Whitby go.

Thanks to a handful of facilities and amenities, life in Whitby is no less than superb. Not only that, but despite the laid-back attitude of the town, it’s also quite progressive. The people, neighborhoods, and even the government are immensely connected to their communities.