Also known as ‘Flower City,’ Brampton is the ninth-largest municipality in Canada. During the previous decade, its population has increased by over 20%, as it’s now home to over 600,000 people.

Located east of Toronto proper, Brampton is now a popular living destination for Canadians. The city is especially appealing to young families as the crime rate is low, and there are many recreational facilities. Among them are over 4,000 acres of parkland with trails and pathways that stretch over 90kms long.

Is Brampton a good place to live? Yes, but that’s not the most crucial question. What you should be asking yourself is, ‘which is the best area to live in Brampton?’ The city contains numerous communities ranging from urban to suburban and even some rural-esque areas.

Read on to find out some of the best neighbourhoods in Brampton.

Downtown Brampton

If you’re looking for Brampton neighbourhoods with affordable houses, begin your search in Downtown Brampton. In this area, the average price of houses is $561,100, which is lower than the rest of Brampton. 

The Downtown Brampton neighbourhood is sandwiched between Etobicoke Creek, McMurchy Avenue, Sproule Drive/Rosedale Avenue, and Harold Street. The area recently benefited from a revitalization project worth $55 million. This involved streetscaping and the creation of Garden Square.

If you’re not one to spend free time indoors, there are many amenities to enjoy in Brampton. These include the Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives (PAMA), Garden Square, the Farmers and Harvest market, Rose Theatre, historical home Alderlea, and Brampton Memorial Arena. 

Commuting into and out of Downtown Brampton is easy, thanks to the GO Station. Being a major transport hub, you’ll find GO trains, Brampton Transit buses, and VIA Rail.


Located between Boviard Drive, Airport Road, Steeles Avenue, and Highway 410 is Bramalea. This neighbourhood is one of the largest and oldest in Brampton. Buying a house in this area will cost you close to $700,000. Being in the route to the Bramalea Go Station and Bramalea Bus Terminal, buses in and out of the area are plentiful. 

Bramalea is home to the Chinguacousy Wellness Center and Bramalea Civic Centre. In the neighbourhood, you’ll also find many shopping malls such as the Trinity Common, Bramalea City Centre, and recreational spots like the Bramalea Community Park, Professors Lake, Chinguacousy Park as well as fitness centres.

Gore Meadows 

Gore Meadows is one of Brampton’s newest neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood covers the area between Airport Road, Castlemore Road, The Gore Road, and Highway 407. Gore area is green and serene and is home to the Claireville Conservation area and Claireville Ranch.

Properties in this area cost between $844,000 and $1 million. They’re not exactly cheap but indeed a worthwhile investment. The amenities in this neighbourhood make it suitable for young families. There’s a community centre and library as well as Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park, a popular spot for kids on weekends.  

If you need to relax after a long week in the office, you can visit the Brunswick Zone Bramalea Lanes bowling alley.

Vales of Castlemore

What do you see when you picture your dream house? For most, it’s a detached house with green and perfectly manicured lawns in a well-planned street. If you’re in this boat, then Vales of Castlemore is undoubtedly the perfect neighbourhood for you. 

Buying property in this area will set you back roughly $600,000. The neighbourhood is one of the safest for children to play and there are many parks in the area. Vales of Castlemore is also near the Claireville Ranch and Claireville Conservation Area, where you can go exploring.  Castlemore is located towards Brampton’s northeastern edge, just a short distance from Vaughan.

Mount Pleasant

For people who love buying fresh produce from the market, Mount Pleasant is the best area to live in Brampton. This is because of its Thursday Farmers’ Market, held during summer. This is one of the recently developed Brampton Neighbourhoods and is located between Mississauga Road, Mayfield Road, Creditview Road, and Bovaird Road. 

As the name suggests, it’s one of the most pleasant Brampton neighbourhoods, and the average price of houses is $700,000.  Transport in the area is no hassle as there is a GO station. The amenities available in the area include the Buick Park and Skatepark, a village square, the community centre and library, the Apple Factory Farm Market, and Cassie Campbell Community Centre.

Mount Pleasant is home to one of our two developments in Brampton, which you can learn more about here. Mount Pleasant is particularly popular among people who like the smaller-town feel of a place like Pickering or Ajax but want to be a bit closer to Toronto.

Heart Lake

Any search for the best neighbourhood in Brampton must lead you to Heart Lake. This neighbourhood occupies the area between Conservation Drive/Wanless Drive, Heart Lake Road, Highway 10, and Bovaird. You’ll need approximately $550,000 to become a Heart Lake homeowner.

Heart Lake is home to many amenities that are perfect for outdoorsy people. They include:

  • Loafer’s Lake recreation centre
  • Heart Lake
  • Excellent trails for walks or biking
  • Treetop Trekking
  • Turnberry Golf Club
  • Cyril Clarke Library

Shopping malls such as the Trinity Common and Silver City Brampton are in the vicinity as well as Downey’s Farm and Broadway Farm’s Market.

If you value privacy and want a property where your neighbour’s house is not near, then Snelgrove is the best area to live in Brampton. This area is historic and is located nearby the Namesake forest. If you’re lucky, you may land a house near a ravine or park.  

The natural setting in the area gives it a calm and relaxing ambiance. Other than the wild, living in Snelgrove will give you access to Brampton Library and many shopping malls.

Is Brampton a Good Place to Live?

When it comes to security and ease of transport, Brampton is one of the best areas to live in. However, it’s its cultural diversity and wide range of amenities for both adults and children that makes it the perfect place to live in. 

Map of Brampton

Things To Do In the Best Brampton Neighbourhoods

Why is Brampton a good place to live? Well, for starters, it’s home to some of the GTA’s best recreational activities! Check them out: