Homeownership is a complex topic. You have to decide whether to build your home, buy an old home, lease a property or buy a new home from a builder. Buying a brand-new home is the most tempting of all. And we can see why. Homeowners get to choose the latest designs and trends in the construction industry, and be the first to occupy a home, not to mention the hassle-free move!

New construction homes offer more benefits to homeowners, making them a strong contender in the search for a home. For instance, buying a new home from a builder in Ontario eliminates the incessant stress of dealing with contractors when building a home. And to imagine that you can get modern and energy-efficient appliances without having to search for them yourself. 

So, how will you benefit from buying a new home from a builder in Ontario?

  • Buyers get low-maintenance homes

New construction homes come with a significant financial benefit. The initial cost of a property can be affordable. However, this can go insanely high if the property is expensive to maintain. Buying a new house from a builder is a sure way to get modern appliances, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems among other structures that can go for ages without breaking down.

And since most builders must comply with the latest safety regulations and building codes, the new homes require less maintenance. With the elimination of the fear of constantly paying for repairs out of pocket, homeowners can enjoy the time in the new home and explore the new community.

  • The use of High-Rated Energy Efficiency technology

Energy bills can be a nuisance. This is a common problem in most old houses since they were built with low-rated energy efficiency materials. New construction homes are built with modern building practices and materials which reduces monthly utility bills. Buying a new home from a reputable builder in Ontario such as Paradise Developments ensures that buyers get homes built with certain energy requirements and standards. For instance, homes built with insulated walls and ceilings help in the reduction of heat loss during winter and keep the home cool during summer. Most new homes are also constructed with high-efficiency air conditioning.

  • Modern designs

The designs and features of an old house are incomparable to that of new houses. Buying a house from a builder in Ontario is a sure way to get thoughtfully designed houses that people want to live in. New construction homes also offer an exciting experience, from an open floor plan, strategically placed bathrooms and bedrooms to spacious rooms.

  • The convenience of packing and moving in

New construction homes are ideal for buyers on a tight budget and a strict schedule. They are also a perfect option for people who do not want the worry of searching for appliances. Most contractors offer homes that are fully updated with already installed refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, clothes washers, and more.

  • A community with essential amenities

Purchasing a new construction home gets you more than just the house. Homeowners also get to enjoy a new community with features and amenities that cannot always be promised with self-built homes. Common amenities that may be advertised by developers include shopping malls, splash pads, swimming pools, walking trails, parks, and play areas. 

  • Home warranty

New homes come with a warranty. This is to prove that you can buy a new home from a builder in Ontario with confidence that they will provide coverage for issues that may arise throughout the warranty period. Most pre-owned homes do not come with warranties. In most cases, a buyer is left with bills for issues that were undetected before the sale. The home warranty is one less thing that homeowners have to worry about in new construction homes.

Pro tips for buying a new house from a builder

  • Consider hiring a real estate agent – While it is not mandatory to use a real estate agent, you may need one when buying a new house from a builder. This ensures that you are not short-changed and is vital for people who do not have much experience in the real estate industry. The agent can help protect a buyer’s interests and ensure that they get the best deal.
  • Obtain legal advice before purchase – It is important to talk to a real estate lawyer before signing a purchase contract. Some of the issues that any buyer needs to inquire about include health risks that can be caused by chemicals or hazardous materials used by a builder, buyer cancellation rights, and warranties.
  • Use the right lender – If you are buying the home under a financing plan, you may get different mortgage lender recommendations. Despite the perks offered by a lender, it is important to research the lender’s ratings, reputation, and quality of customer service. You might even get more attractive rates from your credit union or bank based on your banking history. Also, look beyond the interest rates and consider other factors such as prepayment penalties.
  • Verify upgrade prices and options before purchase – If you are thinking of upgrading any features or materials in a new home, verify with your developer the cost, liability, and timing required to carry out the upgrades.
  • Hire a home inspector – New homes may have flaws that can go unnoticed. This is why hiring a home inspector is vital. A home inspection offers an avenue for a third-party assessment of the home’s structure and systems. It also ensures that a new home is hazard-free, safe, and a great investment.
  • Check the developer’s reputation – The reputation of a developer is one factor that should not be ignored by any homebuyer. Whether you are buying a new house or have bought several of them, check for reviews and be sure about the quality of the house that you are buying. Buying property from reputable developers such as Paradise developers eliminates the incessant worry of poor construction quality.