Buying a new house in new communities is the best way to give your life a fresh start. You’ll make new friends, enjoy modern amenities, and meet new neighbors. Most newly built communities have many homes built close to each other, creating a sense of unity. 

As the housing market expands, prospective homeowners are shifting their focus to new constructions due to their endless benefits that outweigh the pros of pre-owned homes. We’ll look at some of the reasons to move to new build homes in new communities.

Benefits of Buying a House in New Communities in GTA

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has many incredible communities that guarantee a high level of safety, affordable house prices, and family-friendly amenities. Thankfully, developers are still building new home communities, promising to better the lives of Canadians.

As a potential homebuyer, you’ll enjoy the following benefits upon buying a new house in cities like Brampton, Kleinburg, and Whitby and other fantastic Toronto suburbs.

1. Affordable Introductory Prices

Most builders usually offer numerous incentives to the first few homebuyers. As a result, future prospective buyers will get impressed by the favorable deals. Developers use this strategy to get the first few houses on contract quickly and build new ones.

If you are planning to purchase a house in GTA, you should buy early to take full advantage of the incentives that new communities offer. Since the introductory prices are for attracting clients, subsequent homebuyers may have to pay more house prices.

2. Best House Location

As mentioned, new home communities consist of many homes built close to each other in the same neighborhood. Buying a house in such a developed community gives you the chance to choose a home built in the best location.

For instance, if you plan to move to a new community with 150 houses, you can choose the best one by being among the first to make purchases. You’ll have a vast range of homes, allowing you to select one that fits all your family needs.

3. Better Long Term House Value

The primary reason developers offer incentives is to attract prospective buyers to purchase the houses built in the first phase. However,
clients buying homes in the subsequent development phases will probably pay more than those in the pre-construction phase.

If you’re lucky to be among the first people to purchase houses in the new community, the price of your home won’t get affected when the developer raises the house prices. The value of houses in the second and subsequent phases may even double yours.

4. New Community Amenities

Nothing feels great, such as being among the first people to enjoy your new community’s amenities, like recreational areas, shopping malls, swimming pools, and fitness centers. You may never get such opportunities in a pre-owned home. 

The good news is that some new communities have calendars for social activities, such as swimming competitions and ball games. You can also find a neighborhood with resort-style amenities such as parks, walking trails, swimming pools, and grand clubhouses. 

5. Energy-Efficient Features

Buying a house in a new home community that has integrated energy-efficient features in their homes the wisest decision to make as an aspiring homeowner. The good news is that most modern homes use advanced technologies that consume less energy.

Moving to an energy-efficient home will help you reduce unnecessary energy usage and save on utility bills. Here are some of the key features you’ll find in most energy-efficient homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

  • Proper insulation of floors, attic, and walls
  • High-performance windows
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Solar electric panels
  • Energy-efficient lighting (LED and CFL bulbs)

6. Great Home Designs and Styles

Purchasing a new construction home in a new community allows you to choose a house with an incredible design and style that fits your lifestyle.
You can work closely with the builder to help you select the carpets and fixtures that match your needs and take virtual tours to inspect the design’s progress.

Thankfully, new build homes incorporate modern features that suit all homeowners. You won’t have to change the tiles or repaint the walls. Besides, some builders will allow you to choose the interior and exterior finishes that match your preferences.

7. New Home Communities are Convenient

You can enjoy the convenience of buying a house by moving to a newly established community. You’ll get several move-in ready homes to choose, helping you save on time. All you have to do is pay for the house and move in with your suitcases only.

With a new build home, you’ll rest assured that everything is in perfect condition, including household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and dryers. You don’t have to update the house like you would have done with a pre-owned home.

8. New Neighbors and Friends

A new build development offers an incredible opportunity to interact with your neighbors and make new friends. When buying a house in a new community, the chances are high that your neighbor is also new to the neighborhood, allowing you to share ideas.

Besides, more families will move into the community, giving you the chance to interact with them and make new friends. Community activities and events can also help you build an incredible relationship with your neighbors and friends.

9. Guaranteed Security

It’s no doubt that builders usually offer a high level of security in new build communities. The residential-streets are well-lighted, making it safer to take an evening walk. Some neighborhoods even have CCTVs installed around to promote safety.

Some neighborhoods have even specified speed limits for motorists living in the new community, making it safer for families having kids. Generally, you should consider the security and safety of a new home community before buying a house. 

Final Words

If you are planning to buy a house today, consider touring one of the new communities in your area. You’ll be surprised to find how new build communities charge affordable house prices. Take full advantage of the financial rewards that developers offer to their first few clients by buying a house early.