It’s no secret that Paradise is in the business of building homes, but there’s another side to it. We’re building homes that will fit you and your family’s life – your dreams, your hopes, your future. While it’s your decor, keepsakes, and personal touch that will make the home all your own, even our unfurnished homes are pretty fantastic all on their own. We work alongside in-the-know designers to create interiors that are luxurious, but at the same time warm and welcoming. We spoke with the interior designer at Turner Fleischer who worked on High Point’s amazing interiors. Here’s what she had to say. 



We were excited to chat with Elizabeth Ormonde, who heads up the interior design department at Turner Fleischer, about her thoughts on High Point’s interior design. She oversees the work of 8 designers who each bring unique talent to all their projects. They’re experienced in different realms of design, including retail, office, and commercial, but the main focus of the department is on corporate and residential sites. Turner Fleischer recently started working with Paradise Developments in designing residential homes. It’s a great collaboration that allows their interior design team the opportunity to envision and design spaces that are the heart of family and community life.



For High Point, the approach was quite simple. They wanted to take the decorative elements they love about most traditional homes and reimagine them in a contemporary setting that is appealing to today’s buyers. The concept was ultimately about creating a fresh, clean aesthetic while maintaining the elegance and charm associated with traditional family homes. For this project the team drew inspiration from classic details, such as traditional cabinetry, coffered ceilings, herringbone patterns and ornate moulding. The colour palette was inspired by the woods, stones, and natural materials used throughout the homes.



The intent for the homes was to be inspired by trends the team see and love everyday, but not to rely solely on them. They wanted an approachable look that would stand the test of time in these family environments. Details include higher ceilings on the main floor, open concept living, and soft, neutral colours inspired by nature. High Point’s designs are warm and welcoming, much like the community in which the homes reside. Homes are the backbone of neighbourhood development and the tranquil, socially oriented space-planning is indicative of the spirit we see developing in High Point.



Elizabeth’s inspirational cues and ideas really come out in the details of the homes. High Point homes are special with panelled doors and shaker cabinets combined with woods, stones and natural materials. The team at Turner Fleischer are excited that Paradise loves raised drywall ceilings just as much as they do, since they add such sophistication to the homes. They also included a lot of black accents that can be seen through the renderings, which help to frame and anchor the spaces.


What do these pros suggest for your High Point home’s colour palette? Elizabeth recommends a warm, neutral colour palette that will keep the home feeling bright and allow the architectural details to shine. She also recommends that the new homeowners take their time when selecting paint finishes, but also remember to have fun and add your own personalities into the design! That’s what it’s all about: making your dream home your reality!


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