The vast benefits of townhouses have contributed to their popularity. From the lower purchase cost and minimal maintenance needs to the security and the proximity to essential amenities, the number of homeowners who are choosing townhouses is growing.

However, one hurdle among owners is the townhouse interior design. While the design possibilities of townhouses are limitless, fitting everything in a smaller space can be difficult. 

However, once a homeowner gets a clear picture of how they want their home to look, interior design can be a breeze.

 If you just purchased a townhouse or are looking to remodel one, here are some interesting townhouse interior design ideas that you should try. 

Take advantage of the versatility of multi-purpose furniture

This is a great townhouse design idea that saves on space while still exuding elegance. And with the wide variety of modern multi-purpose furniture available on the market, you can choose pieces that offer medium to maximum functionality, depending on your preferences. 

For instance, instead of getting a table that can only be used in a dining setting, get one that can also function as a desk. Likewise, a deep sofa that can serve as a double bed will come in handy when you have guests. The options of multi-purpose furniture or décor pieces are limitless. 

Get small but functional furniture

Decorating a small space with large items is one way to ruin that homey feel. Small but functional furniture pieces, such as small round dining tables, are the best ways to save on space. 

Use decorative mirrors to spruce up the townhouse

Mirrors are the oldest design tricks to making your space feel airier, lighter, and larger. And when strategically placed, they can add personality to your house without consuming lots of space. 

Be smart with lighting

Lighting can make or break the look of a space. If your townhouse does not have sufficient natural light, work towards designs that do not limit the little natural light streaming in. For a modern townhouse interior design, choose lighting fixtures that can be hung from above or select wall sconces to save floor space. 

A large rug accentuates the entire place

A large rug makes a room feel bigger. Large rugs also act as a great staple piece for reference when designing the rest of the house; it also anchors the space. 

Build shelves for extra decoration and storage

Small houses leave no room for clutter. However, storage spaces are still vital. Whether you are renovating your townhouse or you just moved in, you can build extra shelves to serve as storage or decorating spaces. Floating shelves or bottom shelves are fantastic modern townhouse interior design ideas that you can try. 

Get dramatic designs

Make a statement with townhouse dramatic designs. Depending on how dramatic you want the house to look, create focal points that cannot be ignored. For instance, a large over-the-top chandelier is a dramatic look that also creates intrigue and contrast. 

Don’t ignore the power of artwork

Artwork is a great way to brighten a room and accentuate its height. And when strategically placed, it can make a room feel larger, especially if it extends to the ceiling. 

Have fun with colour

While most houses are painted with one solid colour, you can play around with any colour that you feel suits the space. Whether you prefer rich colours, pretty pastels, or sleek neutrals, go with your preference. Adding patterns with wallpaper or wall murals also creates a unique and cheerful feel.  

The power of white on ceilings and walls

While white creates the illusion of a larger space, it also brightens a room. A white wall that is decorated with a colourful piece of artwork creates a great focal point while still maintaining that clean and airy feel. 

Add ottomans 

Ottomans are a great alternative for traditional coffee tables. They can be used as a book or flower tray, as extra seating when you have guests, or as footrests. They give the perfect balance between casual and formal. And when the colour is coordinated to match other features in a home, the result is a beautiful space that is less crowded. 

Use light curtains

You want to maximize the amount of natural light that can stream in your townhouse. As such, avoid using heavy and dark curtains. And if your house has large windows, use lighter or semi-sheer shades. 

Use a desk in place for a dedicated office

If your townhouse does not have a dedicated office, you can get your work done or study using a desk. Choosing a stylish desk or one that blends with your other furniture pieces is vital. For example, a wall desk is perfect for a townhouse interior design since it takes up less space and can be used as a storage space. 

Design a statement entryway

Most modern townhouse designs do not have large entryways. However, you can design a space where you can pick up and drop off essentials using a stylish couch that can serve as a landing place. 

Customize furniture to suit oddly-shaped rooms

If you are working with oddly-shaped rooms, a lot of space can go unused. However, you can customize furniture pieces to suit the odd shapes. For instance, custom-made furniture that can fit in odd corners can save up space that can be used for something else. 

Avoid pushing all furniture against the wall

While most homeowners would assume that this style will free up space, it makes the room look smaller. However, creating space behind the furniture gives the illusion of a large space. 

Maximize on space by hanging chairs

Swing chairs are trendy townhouse interior design ideas. They are fun, comfortable and also create a posh look. And even better, they are a lifesaver for small homes since they add seating spaces without taking up floor space. To avoid the distractions that swing chairs can cause, install them near a corner. 

As you can see, designing a townhouse does not have to be complicated. Simple additions can change the entire outlook of the house.