Summer is quickly approaching, and in the middle of this pandemic, the chances of anyone traveling out of the country anytime soon are quite low. But, the good news is you don’t have to go too far to enjoy great activities for this season. Several cities and towns in Ontario offer a unique experience you can take advantage of without traveling too far. In this article, we will talk about fun things to do in Ajax.

Ajax is a town located in southern Ontario and only half-hour away from Toronto. This town has various outdoor activities and green spaces that attract many visitors. That’s why Ajax is the perfect place if you want to take a break from the busy city life. 

To help you in making the most out of your trip to this town, we have created an Ajax recreation guide filled with things to do with your friends and family.

Ajax Recreation Guide

Even though it’s a town, there are numerous fun things to do in Ajax. In this list, you will find free activities, as well as paid ones to enjoy during your visit. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Visit the Waterfront

Ajax offers a great view of Lake Ontario that you can experience walking through the Waterfront Trail. This path extends along 740 kilometres from Niagara-on-the-Lake up to Brockville.

When you start walking, you will have the opportunity to visit some incredible parks along the trail, including Paradise Park and Rotary Park. Most families enjoy taking some food with them to have a picnic in front of the lake. 

Don’t forget to visit the Veterans Point Gardens and end your visit at Lakeside Park for some of the best views. 

Go to the beach

If we are going to talk about fun things to do in Ajax, we need to include Paradise Beach. The clear water and sand in this place create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the hot summer months. Paradise beach is a spot for everybody, including the family dog. 

Even though this is a public beach, you will see several cottages, usually owned by people who live in the city. Plus, a great thing about Paradise Beach is that you will find plenty of parking space.

Located behind the beach is Paradise Park. A great outdoor space with picnic tables and beautiful grasslands. In case you want to sit and relax for a while, there are also some benches close to the water. 

Stop at the Ajax Casino

When you think about Ajax, things to do here are usually related to outdoor activities. But, if you want a fun night out in this town, you need to visit the casino. At the casino, you can do some gaming or casual dining. The dinner menu is reasonably priced, and there are several dishes to choose from. Plus, the is a bar if you want to try out some cocktails.

Enjoy the art

You can also visit Ajax, Ontario, to enjoy some art. Believe it or not, this town is also known for showcasing several local artists in the Town Hall, Village Community Centre, and Ajax Operations Centre. However, you don’t necessarily have to go inside to admire the art pieces. There are several outdoor spaces in Ajax where you can find murals and sculptures. 

While you are enjoying the art, there are also some great spots for taking pictures. For instance, at the Ajax Waterfront, there is a Stonehenge structure with a great view of Lake Ontario.

Explore the nature

From all the activities you can find in Ajax, this is the one for all nature lovers and you can do this the same day you visit the Waterfront since they are located in the same place. We are talking about the Greenwood Conservation Area.

When you visit the Greenwood Conservation Area, several signs will help you from getting lost on the trail. Plus, on your way, you will be able to learn about all the wildlife in the area. Even though in this part of Ajax, Ontario, most activities usually involve hiking, this place offers more than that. In the Greenwood Conservation Area, you can also have a picnic with your friends, or go fishing along the creek.

Races at Ajax Downs

If you have never seen a live horse racing competition, this is your chance to do so. This activity has been around in Ajax since 1969. That’s why if you want to have the complete Ajax experience, you need to go to one. Once there, you have the option of watching the race from the tracks, or, if you prefer to sit down and relax, there are also 70 viewing screens to watch the race.

Even more, you can try your luck in one of the 800 slot machines while you are there. There is a great restaurant where you can get something to eat while watching the race as well. Keep in mind that the live races only happen between May and October.

Golf at Deer Creek

In case you are the kind of person who loves to play golf, this is an activity you can’t miss out on. Even though you can find four golf courses in this town, the best one by far is the Deer Creek Golf Club. That’s why we advise you to take some of your friends to enjoy the 27-hole course. 

If you want to bring your kids, we would recommend stopping by the Country Club. There you will find special Golf courses where you can play with your whole family

Endless fun for kids

As a parent, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to find a place that your kids can enjoy. However, that is not a problem in Ajax. Things to do for kids are endless here. And that is what brings us to the last activity on the list, the Endless Fun indoor playground. Here your children will probably end up spending hours on the 3-level play structure, mazes, and more. Plus, if you have a toddler, there is a padded area where they can play safely. 

Final Thoughts

Ajax Ontario is a beautiful town that offers activities for grown-ups and children. That’s why when you think about places to go, consider visiting Ajax. Most of the things we have included on the list are free, which means you won’t have to go over your vacation budget.