The final phase of Aurora Trails is being released on June 6 & 7! We’ve had such an overwhelming response to our first phases that we’re anticipating a huge turnout for our final launch – so make sure you’re registered! This community features towns, semis and detached homes – but that’s only half of the reason we’re so proud of Aurora Trails! This master-planned community truly embraces Aurora’s natural beauty, creating a perfect balance between convenience and nature.


Developers sometimes get a bad rap for demolishing everything in their path to create new developments. We do everything we can to buck this stereotype, and Aurora Trails is an amazing example of what can be preserved with some thoughtful planning. 40% of the community’s total area is conserved wilderness – meaning a water storage pond to attract wildlife, linked green spaces, and 2 creeks.

We’ve also earmarked two hectares for a public park, featuring a splash pad, play courts, kid’s playgrounds, and lots of green space. A butternut tree plantation will also be planted – this endangered species thrives when given room to grow in Canada’s harsh climates. They’re not related to the butternut squash, but they do yield tasty walnut-like nuts, hence their other name, “white walnut.”


Aurora’s well-known trail system is what inspired us to keep this community true to it’s roots, so of course, we included an extensive trail system. Aurora Trails features 15.8 km of biking, hiking and walking trails of varying difficulties, so families in any stage of life can feel free to get outside. Selected final-phase lots also back right onto the trail system, giving you forest views and instant access to the outdoors.

We’re also conscious of the impact construction and long-term residences have, which is why we’re working together with our project partners Arista Homes, Opus Homes and Fieldgate Homes to make every part of Aurora Trails the greenest it can be. This includes using new, environmentally friendly building materials, streamlining building systems to use less power and water, and landscaping every property to be more in tune with the natural rhythm.

We’re passionate about adding to Aurora’s legacy while preserving it’s history – so we’ve also brought the original Coltham Farm House to it’s new home at Aurora Trails. This landmark, now over 100 years old, will be respectfully restored for public use by community residents.

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