As exciting as it is to be a first-time homeowner, it can also be slightly daunting once you realize how many items you need to acquire for the new house. In order to lessen the stress, and make your moving experience a happy one, we’re going to help you out by providing you with a new home checklist below. The list will include all the home essentials you need. That way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything, and can solely focus on celebrating your brand new house purchase.

5 Things to Buy for a New House

Fire Extinguisher

There may be some items on this move-in checklist that you’ll want to skip to save some money, but a fire extinguisher should not be one of them. We all know how quickly fires spread; in case of an emergency, a fire extinguisher will either take care of the situation or buy you some crucial time before the firefighters arrive. We recommend purchasing one for each floor of your house.

Go with a multi-purpose fire extinguisher that’s rated for use on regular combustibles, inflammable liquid spills, and fires instigated by electrical apparatuses. When you’re in a state of panic during an emergency, you won’t have time to assess the type of fire and decide the best way to smother it; this is the perfect kind of extinguisher you want.


Not only are curtains and blinds a nice accent to add to your new abode, but they’re also practical in maintaining your privacy as well.

Silky elegant curtains do a magnificent job at keeping the streetlight out of the bedroom for a perfect night’s sleep and keeping the early morning sunlight out if you want a lazy lie in over the weekend.

You can also go with blackout curtains to prevent outsiders from catching a glimpse of you walking to your bedroom completely exposed post-shower. Blackout curtains are also great if you have children or other members of your household that sleep during the day.

If you have small children around the house, you may want to opt for cordless blinds to avoid asphyxiating hazards. They also offer a much cleaner look that many homeowners appreciate. No more cords hanging on the ground, waiting to get tangled up in your vacuum cleaner!

Need a happy medium? Go with dual-layer roller blinds, which will keep the light out when you want and provide sunlight when you need it without fully exposing your home’s interior to the outside world.

With any blinds, you’ll want to factor into your budget the cost of custom-fitting them to your windows.


Another very handy item to add to your new home checklist is a toolkit. You may not think you need it right away, but once you start to find things that require fixing around the house, you’ll wish you had a tool kit nearby.

Look for something that contains all the items you’d need for any DIY repair in your home. That includes pliers, sockets of different sizes, a drill, a saw, and a screwdriver set.

Pro Tip: Keep your tools organized and accessible in the garage by mounting them on the wall. You can find the devices for doing this easily at Home Depot.

Home Security System

It goes without saying that everybody should feel safe in their own homes. However, constantly hearing news stories about local break-ins can be quite worrisome. In order to make sure that you’re living in a well-guarded house, you’ll want to invest in a decent home security system. 

The obvious, direct route of entry into your house is the front door. Swap out your door lock with a touchscreen smart lock to keep your front entrance secured. Most of these devices also come with an app you can use to connect your phone to the lock for remote locking and monitoring with Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. You’ll also be able to see who enters and leaves through the door.

You should also invest in a good security camera. There are very reasonably-priced 1080P surveillance, wifi-enabled cameras with two-way audio along with local and cloud storage.

You can get several of these cameras, as they’re not too expensive, and place them around different areas of your house. For instance, maybe you want to keep an extra eye on your sleeping baby overnight or see what your pet is up to when you’re away.

Light Bulbs

Your new home checklist wouldn’t be complete without light bulbs. Although some new houses already have working ones installed, you’ll want to have a good amount of extra bulbs lying around for when they start burning out one after the other. 

Save energy by getting a pack of LED daylight bulbs that turn on with maximum brightness right away, and use 9W of energy as opposed to 60W for the incandescent equivalent in level of luminosity.

You can also purchase smart bulbs for added convenience and security.

Since you can connect a smart bulb system to your phone, you’ll be able to control the light switch wherever you are. Yes, that means even when you’re halfway across the world, you can turn on your house lights back home so your house isn’t noticeably empty in the evenings.


Although our first house checklist stops at five items, we encourage you to add more to your own new home list. There are many other things to purchase for a brand new house, as a lot of work goes into making the place feel homey. Check out our articles on design trends for some home design and furnishing inspiration. Additionally, if you’re a techie person or family, you might find some ideas on how to spice up your new abode in our home tech article.

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