Giving back to the communities we live, work, and build in is important to the entire Paradise Developments team. We’ve made it our mission to not only contribute to cities and towns by creating new communities to live in, but to contribute to the greater good of those places as well. This is why we choose to make considerable donations to hospitals in every community we build in! Our VP, Rob Baruch, has taken a particular interest in North York General Hospital and is even the chairman of their hospital board.


North York General Hospital serves over half a million people in Toronto and is a centre for many healthcare initiatives in Ontario. Ron wanted to get involved with the hospital not only because he lives there, but because of the hospital’s far reach and impact on the community. The hospital is a leader in so many aspects of healthcare in Ontario, and the function of the hospital board is to fundraise for aspects of the hospital that are of top priority, over and above the funding that the province gives them. This includes events like the annual Heart of Fashion fundraiser, cultivating donors, and matching donors with what’s a priority at the hospital at the time – bricks and mortar, surgery units, cancer care, and more.

Did you know? The North York General Hospital actually has the shortest wait time for surgeries in the entire province, and the busiest emergency room in the country. They’re also only one of a handful of hospitals that has electronic health records at the moment.

In the past few years the board has managed to raise more and more money, which has made a remarkable impact on the hospital. The money that has been raised in more recent years has gone toward things like the Baruch/Weisz Clinic, which plays a major role in alleviating hospital beds by providing a unique model of care to patients, as well as building up the profile of the hospital in general, and improving wait times in emerge.

As community builders, we like to take part in the community too, and it’s so exciting to see our work making a difference in the places we care about the most.

Image via North York General Hospital Facebook Page