We’re already one month into 2019, and for many, the pressure of upholding those end-of-December resolutions for a better, healthier new year have been difficult to maintain.

This can be overly stressful for some – but fear not! It’s easy to do some course correction and get back on track with what you resolve to change and where you want to see yourself in the future. Read our list of tips below for more!


Keep Your Resolutions Simple and Realistic

Making drastic changes like promising to hit the gym every day can be disastrous, if not given the time to work your body and mind up to that level. Keeping your resolutions at an attainable degree, such as extending your overall workout time by 20 to 30 minutes, or by one extra session a week, is a more practical consideration, and one that won’t wear you out so quickly!


Plan A Schedule and Stick To It

For the best possible results, planning out a schedule and settling into a specific routine is vital to make progress with almost any resolution. Maybe you’re trying to increase your overall reading time, or changing up your diet to healthier options – whatever it may be,  be sure to keep a daily or weekly log on how you’re improving – in no time at all you’re bound to see results!


Don’t Be Afraid, Ask For Help!

Whether it be a friend, family member, or work associate, talk about your resolution goals to another person if you’re feeling uneasy. Not only will you feel less alone, you may be able to get some unexpected wisdom or advice that can be of great assistance. Externalizing what you seek to change can be tremendously effective in giving you the courage or determination to help stay on track in the long run!


Put Yourself In Charge

No matter how daunting it may seem after you’ve begun, or if you may have been unable to meet your prior expectations, it’s important to not be so hard on yourself with resolutions. After all, they are about making you feel better and not worse! No matter what setbacks or pitfalls you may have encountered, keep on going with your goals over giving up altogether. By finding ways to stay motivated, you will be working towards definite change, making the results you want all the more possible!