Welcomed by parents, yet cringed by kids, back to school time is definitely upon us!

As the days get shorter and our vacation days are down, we all have much to think about when it comes to helping our kids prepare for the new school year.

Stay one step ahead with these 6 amazing tips to ensure that your child’s transition into their new school year is a smooth one.

  1. Re-establish school routines

We love the laid-back routine of summer! The transition to the early-to-bed, early-to-rise schedule can be difficult on the whole family. Make the change easier by slowly easing into the school-year routine over the last few weeks of summer.


  1. Get check-ups out of the way

Make sure that your child starts off the new school year in good health by scheduling medical checkups before the first day of school.


  1. Make a family calendar

Keep track of all the schedules in your house with a calendar that includes each all the weekly activities and important dates.


  1. Meet your child’s teacher

Break the ice in advance by meeting your child’s new teacher at back-to-school night.


  1. Managing the after-school chaos

The after-school snacks/homework time is often the hardest time of the day. Keep organized by preparing in advance!


  1. Meal planning

Figure out the best meals that work best for you and your busy family and prep, prep, prep!