March 20th marked the first official day of spring, though we’re still waiting on that spring weather to arrive. It continues to be a little frosty out there, so we haven’t quite escaped winter yet. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start getting ready for spring and summer! While it may seem too early to start your gardening for the year, there are actually lots of plants that thrive in early spring, or that you can plant now so you will have summer blooms. Here’s a look at what plants, flowers, and vegetables that can be planted now! 


Plant for Spring



Image via @tennesseegardening on Instagram

Pansies are great options to plant in early spring as they do very well in cooler weather, and can even withstand nighttime lows. They prefer full sun, so keep that in mind when mapping our your garden.




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Give this plant 6 weeks of cool weather to sprout, grow, and bloom before you get to see these incredible flowers in your garden.




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Find a spot in your garden with rich soil that gets some shade, plant in early spring, and patiently wait until these adorable flowers pop up.



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Spring is a great time to get your vegetable garden going. Leafy greens, such as spinach, chard, kale, and lettuce all do surprisingly well in frostier conditions, and once grown will give you delicious salads all through the spring and summer.


Plant for Summer



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Since their bulbs are quite resilient, gladiolus can endure the cooler ground temperatures of spring. But come summer, this flower will thrive in sunlight.




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Plant these bulbs in mid to late May, and by summer this tropical plant will have grown into all its glory.




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Wait until May to plant in soil that is no longer frosty, and these beauties will blossom in the sunny summertime.


With a little planning ahead your garden can be full and colourful starting in spring and all through the summer!