Decorating your home for the holidays is fun for the whole family. It is something you can do together, from planning which room will get the full treatment to hanging twinkle lights, dressing up your windows and adding sparkle as you go.

The holiday season is here and there’s never been a better time to get into the spirit and decorate your home, both inside and out. We have curated 5 Holiday Décor Ideas for you to use as inspiration to brighten up your home and bring some joy to you throughout the season.


Add a dash of silver or gold – or both – to your décor to instantly elevate the mood in your home. Brass and copper also work well as metallic accents that create an elegant aesthetic. They draw the eye and bounce light around the room, which can make your space feel bigger.

You can go for a monochromatic look and select different shapes and styles of ornaments for your tree. Display candleholders as centerpieces and introduce metals into your table settings with gold or silver chargers. Add oversized metallic bows to your window treatments for a magnificent touch. Metallics really shine when placed with bold and rich colours such as emerald green, deep reds and winter whites. Here’s the best part: you don’t have to choose just one metallic. Go ahead and mix and match and have fun with it – that’s what it’s all about!


Have fun with a winter theme by bringing the outdoors in. Opt for a white, gold, and silver palette. This is an easy and cohesive way to introduce the natural materials that are also everywhere this year. Use natural oak, a birch tree arrangement, white or off-white porcelain, and a small amount of gold and brass, plus a lot of greenery, to make a beautiful winter wonderland that is warm and cozy. Pull some soft material and dabble decorative snow across your fireplace mantle. Top it with a miniature village and toss a faux fur area rug on the floor below. Cut out snowflakes from textured paper and hang them on a tree or in your windows. The best way to bring the outside in, without the chilly temperatures, is to celebrate the season with winter wonderland décor.


Lighting is the foundation for all of your holiday décor – both inside and out. The secret to success when decorating a tree is to use two layers of lights. One layer is deep in the branches and lights up the inside and another is strung closer to the middle of the branches. This illuminates its fullness and makes the tree shine much brighter.

Outside, hanging twinkle lights along a front porch, twist them around railing pickets and line your balconies. This can make your home instantly feel festive. You can even use indoor string lights to frame your windows without having to get out the ladder! Always make sure you have the right lights: use string lights labelled for outdoor if you’re trimming an outdoor evergreen or hanging them from your roof. Inside your home, there are many ways lighting can be used to create ambiance in whichever room you choose. Whether it’s with candles, LED lights, lamps or fixtures, your home will feel much more festive with the flip of a switch.


Gardening and indoor plants had their moment in 2021 and the holiday season is a great time to add some extra greenery into your décor plans. In addition to winter weather flowers in vases, consider a poinsettia tree as a centrepiece, adding sprigs of holly to end tables or bookshelves and hanging wreaths on any door really, not just the front one.

Take some time to spruce up your front walkway or yard with some winter landscaping and if you’re adding lights to trees and hedges, make sure they are outdoor lights that are ready for the weather. Inside or out, birch tree arrangements and evergreen wreaths are simple projects that the whole family can help create and instead of fresh cut flowers, consider a potted plant that will continue to brighten up your home into the new year.


The holidays are a great time to exercise your crafty side and if you want to decorate with simple, DIY touches, this is the year to try it! Go traditional by stringing popcorn garland or modernize it by using ribbon, painted ornaments or links of colourful paper rings. Collect pinecones and sprigs of evergreen while out for a walk and use them for a festive wreath.

Raid your recycling bin and turn those cardboard boxes into a kid-sized gingerbread house that’s decked with colourful crafts. Arrange holiday cards from loved ones in the shape of a tree on a bare wall, or hang them from a string across the front of a fireplace mantle. Looking for an original centrepiece? Pick up an easy-to-find gingerbread house kit and make it your own by adding treats from your own pantry. Keeping your holiday décor simple with some DIY touches is a great way to cut back on clutter and get creative.


Choosing a different décor style around the holidays can be a fun and easy way to try out new ideas and after all, the biggest holiday décor trend this season is pwersonalization. Making your home look and feel festive is all in how you define it. Go big and bold or stay simple with a side of DIY. Whether it’s introducing some metallics to amp up your home décor, bringing a winter scene inside, getting crafty, or adding greenery and lighting to brighten your day, the holiday season is the best time to get inspired and add some style to your home.