When you’re getting ready for the holidays, getting your home ready is a huge part of the process. From hiding the presents, to decorating the tree, to filling the fridge with all the holiday necessities, it takes a lot to get your home holiday-ready. Not to add even more to your plate, but you can’t forget about decorating outdoors as well! For some, this is the most important part of the holidays (have you seen Christmas Vacation?), making your front yard and home the brightest winter wonderland on the street. Here are some ideas to help you decorate outdoors this year. 




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Let’s start with something simple: lights. Twinkling and colourful lights are often a big part of holiday decor. String them along your eaves, or around your trees to add a bit of wonder to your yard.




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Wreaths are one of those pieces of holiday decor that can seamlessly be used both inside the home and outside as well. For those who like rustic decor you can leave your boughs unadorned (maybe add a few pinecones), or add twinkling lights and accents to the garland.




Wreaths are a great addition to your front door during the holidays. One option is to go out and buy a beautiful wreath, or you could just DIY! Creating your own holiday wreath is a fun activity to do with friends or family, and then you can hang it with pride on your front door to welcome all your guests.


Mini Evergreen


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Picking a Christmas tree for inside your home is always a great tradition, but what about outside your home? Setting up some decorated, potted mini evergreens outside of your home is a great addition to your festive decor plan.


Holiday Props


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If you want to bring your holiday decor to the next level, add props! When it comes to holiday props, there are so many different options to choose from. Pops of red flannel, sleighs, or skates are always a nice touch to your front porch holiday moment.




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Why just keep the holiday ornaments inside?? Bringing your oversized ornaments outside is a great addition to any yard, adding a touch of much-appreciated whimsy. Hang them in the branches of your trees and bushes, or near your door.