Many changes are going on in house architecture and exterior designs in 2021. Many homeowners and homebuyers are keen to adopt the best modern home exterior design trends to fit their changing tastes and preferences. 

A modern house exterior today should not only be sophisticated, but it should also have a one-of-a-kind vibe to reflect the aspirations of those who live there. That is why most of the modern house exterior designs in 2021 are now being defined by unconventional shapes, geometrical lines, unique details, and modern materials. 

There is an abundance of unique design styles for your home. It is upon you to decide which style is ideal for you.  Below are seven of the most stunning modern house exterior design ideas for 2021. 

1) Wooden Façade

The use of wooden parallel slats on walls and roofs is borrowed from Nordic architecture. Traditionally, they were used to insulate houses because of the cold. But today, they have been reinvigorated into a design trend for 2021 to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. 

The wooden slats are usually used as external cladding to cover facades and walls acting as a second layer. Wood is a good design material because it exudes warmth, comfort, and sophistication to the exterior of your house. 

And depending on the pattern of arrangement, wooden facades create rhythm and form aesthetic volumes that are hard to replicate. You can use windows to interrupt the uniformity of the cladding for that elegant look. 

2) Sliding Exterior Glass Walls

Sliding glass walls are an architectural feat that has come to define modern living in 2021. They are different from other walls because they create an indoor-outdoor connection by unifying both the exterior and interior space. 

You get to enjoy the benefits of large floor-to-ceiling windows and the functionality of patio doors in case you have a patio or a backyard. 

Glass not only maximizes daylight flow but also protects the interior of the house from direct sun. It will offer light-filled indoor spaces while also giving your house exterior an ultra-clean façade. 

At night, the house exterior is something to behold when glass gets illuminated turning your house into a true masterpiece.

Any minimalist will love sliding exterior glass walls for their functionality and sophistication.

3) Butterfly Roof Exterior

A butterfly roof exterior can have a profound effect on the appearance of your house. That is why many architects are turning to them as their choice for modern exterior styling in 2021. 

Butterfly roofs are meant to mimic a butterfly that is midflight. So they have a V-shape consisting of two raised wings. There is a valley in the middle where the two wings meet. This shape offers a unique contemporary house exterior that speaks of class and stateliness. 

Apart from the aesthetic value, butterfly roofs also serve a functional purpose. They can be fitted with larger windows which allow more natural light into the house. The raised wings also offer better aeration while at the same time serving as a conduit for collecting rainwater. 

4) Sawtooth Exterior Design

This design mimics the serrated edge of a saw blade. The sawtooth design has multiple slopes that are set at the same angle. This means that the vertical and pitched surfaces of the roof will be alternating just like a blade. 

This design is being adopted as an alternative to traditional roofing. So if you are tired of conventional finishing and would like something unique, you can try this modern home exterior design. 

Because of its unique shape, a sawtooth roof usually allows for higher ceilings and larger windows. It is also ideal when you want to create a lofted living space.

If you live in areas with heavy snowfall or rainfall, you can use modern roofing materials like shingles or reinforced concrete to prevent leakage and water damage. 

5) Use of Deep Colors

Painting the home using deep colours that exude warmth and personality is another modern home’s exterior trend for 2021.  Traditionally, people just used dark or bright monotones for the house exterior. 

Some colours will retain the character of your home while adding a bit of pop and excitement. The result is an eye-catching house that is both unique and sophisticated.

One of the trendiest house paint colours right now is ivory. It is a good substitute for white as it’s sleek but not harsh like white. 

Burgundy is another unique alternative. It will add a deep red texture to the exterior of your home producing a traditional look while still retaining a dash of personality.

Mustard yellow, sage green, and taupe also stand out on modern home exteriors because they are warm but not overbearing. 

6) Box Style Design

Another wonderful idea for modern house exterior designs in 2021 is the box style design. It involves constructing a house in a box model. The box design is a modern variation of the flat roof. 

It is a very minimalist design and has the advantage of maximizing interior space. Although the flat roof design gives it a conventional appearance, the box shape injects an ornamental look. 

Even architects consider this a marvel of modern house designs because of the combination of unconventional shapes such as square and half circles. 

The box design makes it possible to install large glass windows that allow ample natural light to illuminate the interior. This will transform the exterior appearance of your house. 

7) Skillion Design

The skillion roof is another contemporary house exterior design that is gaining in popularity. It is not only eye-catching but also durable and high-performing. It will transform the entire outlook of your house. 

This design is also called a mono-pitched or pent roof design owing to the shape of the roof.   

Most people love the skillion design because it is sophisticated and minimalistic at the same time. This design comes with a massive exterior, sharp edges, and a single slope.  

It is a throwback to country designs but has been given a modern touch making it a great substitute for conventional residential roof and finishing styles. 

Although it is recommended as a standalone roof, you can use the skillion design to improve the aesthetic appeal of an existing home.