Buying a new house is one of the most thrilling things a person can do, especially upon signing the contract and moving in. The process, however, can be quite stressful, from getting pre-approved for a mortgage, finding the right home, and making an offer.

In this article, we’ll share some tips for finding the right semi-detached house design for your family’s needs.

What is a Semi-Detached House?

A semi-attached house is a house that shares a wall with one neighbour. Most semi-attached houses are built in pairs and share similar features such as the outlook and design. However, each house stands on a separate piece of land and has its entrance.

If you are looking to build a semi-Detached House, you will have a variety of design possibilities to choose from. Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom house plan or a 2-bedroom house plan, your designer can give you several design options.

Two-bedroom semi-detached house plans are a classic. This is because you get enough space to accommodate other home facilities such as the kitchen, home office, lounge area, and dining room even with a small home.

Semi-Detached House Plans

Plan 1

This is especially great if your semi-detached house is not a multi-story house. On the main floor, set up the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms. Although you can design your kitchen based on your preferences, an open kitchen area is the best option with this house plan. An entry porch can also be an excellent idea. For the bedrooms, have one bedroom as the master bedroom with its bath and toilet. This can be a little bit bigger than the second bedroom. For the second bedroom, which can serve as the guest room or the kid’s bedroom, ensure it is not too small. Also, ensure it does not take too much space in your house. And since you need a storage area, you can place it at the back of your house. It can also serve as the laundry area, hence saving you massive space. Although it may seem like a small space, the functionality of this design is unmatched. This can comfortably serve a family of 4.

Plan 2

If you have the option of having a semi-detached house with an elevated floor, you will have more space in your home with a one-story house plan. In this plan, you can have your kitchen and living area on the lower floor. You can also have one bedroom on the lower floor with its bath and toilet. Alternatively, you can also have both bedrooms on the elevated floor, with the master bedroom bigger in size than the second bedroom. Since you have a larger space on the lower floor, you can opt to have extra rooms such as the study room.

Why Should You Build a Semi-Detached House?

  • Save on funds- By building a semi-detached house, you get to save on funds. By comparison, semi-detached houses take up fewer funds compared to stand-alone houses. Although they can be built in a variety of designs, most people prefer semi-detached houses as they are more affordable.
  • Security reasons- Living in a standalone house with distant neighbours can bring up security issues. But with semi-detached houses, you will have fewer security issues due to the proximity with neighbours. Semi-detached house plans are great for people who live alone or in small families. Similarly, if you live in a less secure area, the semi-detached house plans are an excellent choice.
  • Make good use of small space- With semi-detached house plans, you can make a good use of your space. With modern design capabilities, you can even build storey houses, which are more common with semi-detached house plans. If you thought you must own a huge space to build a large house, try the semi-detached house plan.
  • Form a community- Given the proximity with your neighbour(s), you get to form a community. This would otherwise be difficult with stand-alone houses.
  • You still get an outside space- Most people with semi-detached houses prefer to live close to urban centres due to the proximity to amenities and availability of infrastructure. Given the limited spaces in urban areas, you still get an outdoor space that would otherwise be unavailable or limited with other house plans such as mid-terraces or apartments. For instance, most semi-detached houses have a front and rear space that can be utilized.
  • Save on maintenance- A semi-detached house can save a lot on maintenance. This is because you can opt to share some costs with your neighbour which you would otherwise cater for individually if in another setting. Splitting these costs will not only save you funds but also time.

Disadvantages of Semi-Detached Houses

  • Less privacy- Sharing a wall with a neighbour can be a disadvantage, especially when it comes to privacy issues. If you prefer maximum privacy, then a semi-detached house may not work for you. Opting for a stand-alone house would be the best option. However, with some rules, your stay in a semi-detached house can be worthwhile, provided both parties observe the privacy guidelines.
  • Constant noise from the neighbours- Although this is not a common problem with semi-detached houses, you may experience it once in a while. If you have a noisy neighbour, you can install insulated concrete forms. This will considerably reduce the noise from outside and make your stay at home worthwhile.
  • Maintenance- While the maintenance work you will require in semi-detached is less compared to other house plans, you might have to liaise with your neighbour while carrying out major renovations. This may be a mandatory requirement while carrying out certain types of work.


The semi-detached house plan is an excellent idea especially when you have limited funds and space. Check out our communities here for a look at new construction semi-detached homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.