Very few things are as exciting as buying a brand new piece of property—especially when it comes to a new home for your family. Getting a new construction house comes with so many new dynamics that may not be there with old homes. 

First, it is so satisfying to own a home where no one else has lived before. Secondly, a newly constructed home is the perfect blank canvas for you and your new family to start your new life in.

If you are in Canada, Vaughan is one of the best places to buy. Currently, there are dozens of new construction developments coming up in the area. But the question is, are these new construction homes in Vaughan ideal for new families? 

Why Vaughan is Ideal for New Families

Construction of new homes in Vaughan is picking pace across all housing types. There are many new developments that are either in the pipeline or have been recently completed.  

But why would anyone with a new family want to move to Vaughan in search of a newly constructed home? 

First, it is important to note that Vaughan is strategically located within the Greater Toronto Area. So residents of Vaughan enjoy the simplicity of a small city and the privileges and opportunities that come with being near a metropolis like Toronto. 

As a growing city, Vaughan generally has well-established neighbourhoods that are modern, vibrant, and homely. You will find almost everything you and your new family need for satisfying and comfortable living. 

The location of new construction townhomes in Vaughan is ideal for new families. Most new construction developments are being set in impressive neighbourhoods with good schools, well-paved roads, amenities, and low crime rates.

Transport within and outside the city is also very efficient. Being just a short commute from Toronto, it is easily accessible, whether by road or rail. Vaughan has its own TTC subway. 

Already, the municipality of Vaughan has created blueprints detailing the plans for the city and neighbourhoods. So you will be buying in a place that has huge growth potential.

With all this, it is clear that the city is committed to making Vaughan not only accessible but also comfortable and well-suited to new families. 

New Construction Homes in Vaughan are Customizable to Fit Family Needs

Many builders in Vaughan allow buyers to customize their homes to fit their needs. And if it is not the company policy, it can be done upon request. 

For new families, this means a lot because it provides a great opportunity to personalize the home to match their needs and preferences. You may be allowed to make suggestions on interior design, furnishings, and other installations. 

So when you finally move into the house, you won’t need to do any significant updates or renovations. On the other hand, old homes may not be the best for new families because it is rare to find a house with everything you need. 

Granted, not every developer will allow room for customization. That is why it is important to buy a new home from a builder who is open to your input. 

In addition to this, due to developments in construction technology and practices, many new homes today come with some standard comforts. It is now possible to walk into new construction homes in Vaughan and find built-in features like refrigerators, wine coolers, dishwashers, master suite baths, and even dedicated media rooms. 

Low Maintenance Costs

Another reason you should buy in Vaughan is the low maintenance cost. Compared to older homes, new constructions are usually in mint condition when you first move in. Thus, they are less likely to have problems like leaky faucets, broken pipes, clogged toilets, and damaged roofs. 

That is not to say that they are impervious to damage.  However, you are likely to stay in that home for a significant duration of time before requiring repairs and replacements. Thus, a newly constructed home provides financial relief allowing you to focus on the needs of your new family. 

Newly constructed homes in Vaughan also come with a warranty. It could be a short-term warranty, covering the full structure, or a long-term warranty covering only the exterior. Either way, warranties shift the burden of maintenance from the buyer to the builder giving you peace of mind for a few years.  

Also, due to evolving technology, newly constructed homes are now fitted with energy-efficient aspects. They include solar paneling, upgraded HVAC systems, and water-efficient gadgets, which significantly lower your monthly utility bills. It could also make a huge difference in your budget if you have a new family and especially kids.

However, you should not assume that your newly constructed home won’t have problems simply because it is brand new. So, be sure to complete a thorough inspection before you commit to the purchase. 

Be Careful About The Prices Though

It is important to note that Vaughan is one of the most affordable places in the Greater Toronto Area. But that doesn’t mean that the homes come cheap. 

Although builders may offer buyers incentives to make the properties more affordable, the homes are relatively pricey. However, this should be expected because you will be buying something new. 

It is also good to note that some of the neighbourhoods in Vaughan in which the new developments are set in are also new. So you’ll be expected to cough up retail market value for your new home. If you compare that to the cost of an old house in an established neighbourhood, then you will be paying significantly more. 

The good news is if you compare the housing market in Vaughan with that of other cities in Ontario and the GTA, you will realize new construction homes are more affordable in Vaughan than elsewhere. That is why Vaughan is ideal for new families and anyone who is budget-conscious. 

When you look at what you are paying now vis-à-vis the future value of the property you are buying, there is a big potential that your home will keep appreciating in line with the market trend. 

One More Thing Before You Buy New Construction Homes in Vaughan

If you buy a newly constructed home, you will be dealing directly with the person who built it. Do your research. For example, you could pay a visit to other nearby developments the builder has constructed or contact other buyers to get reviews. 

Get an agent who knows about new construction homes and may even have a relationship with the builder. This would be the best person to guide you as you make your purchase. 

Furthermore, newly constructed homes do not have a property tax history that buyers can refer to. So to be sure about the amount of money you will pay in property taxes, talk to your builder or agent about how property taxes work in Vaughan and Ontario. Where possible, you can even analyze other new properties to get an idea of how much you will be expected to pay. 

Do your due diligence to help avoid jumping into unnecessary problems in the future.