The best thing about our Whitby Meadows community is that you have a choice. A choice in builder, a choice in home, and a choice in lifestyle. If you choose a Paradise Home there are even more great things to choose from. From finishes to design, you get to decide how you want your dream home to be built. One of the biggest choices you’ll make is whether you want a classic or a contemporary home. Both are stunning in their own right, but which speaks to your aesthetic, lifestyle, and perspective more? We’ll help explain the difference to make your decision a little easier.


The Classic


Our classically designed homes take inspiration from some of Ontario’s most rich residential heritage. We looked to the Georgian, Victorian, and other classically styled homes that were popular over a century ago to inform our process. There are many traditional exterior features and design elements that make our ‘Classic Series’ of homes true classics:

  • Architectural centre massing brings the focal point to the middle of the elevation
  • Box-out windows
  • Windows with brick accent surrounds
  • Classical columns placed to emphasize the front entry
  • Casement windows with horizontal grill pattern
  • Soldier course brick banding
  • Earthtone tumble-finish stone veneer
  • Symmetrical Georgian-inspired garage doors


The Contemporary


While we understand many people love nothing more than a traditional home, others have a more contemporary sensibility. Some people think of contemporary homes are cold, empty, concrete boxes, but not us. Our contemporary homes are warm and inviting, but boast modern design details in both their architectural and design elements. For those who love contemporary design touches, our ‘Progressive Series’ of homes are perfect. Here are some distinctive features and finishes to look out for on our contemporary homes:

  • Crafted wall projections create depth within the architectural form to highlight and emphasize feature windows
  • Minimalistic casement window absent of window grills highlights the functionatly of ‘less is more’
  • Extra tall transom windows for higher ceilings
  • Transom windows strategically placed to utilize interior space
  • Earthtone colour bricks
  • Smooth linear stone veneer accentuates the architectural horizontal lines
  • Contemporary linear-shaped garage door styles

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