We’d like to formally introduce you to one of our proudest accomplishments: our beautiful Design Studio! This space showcases all the features and finishes we offer for your home and allows you to really take a look at all your choices to ensure your home is built exactly how you want it to be built.

Open 7 days a week, our Design Studio is constantly bustling with Paradise purchasers who are designing their space. During the week you can book an appointment with our consultants who can help you with the design process depending on what stage you’re at:

  • Phase 1: structural requests and electrical solutions
  • Phase 2: interior colour selections and finalization

Our consultants are devoted to ensuring that all our purchasers are educated and confident in selecting the finishes for their new home. Right now our Design Studio is working on our outstanding Upper Mount Pleasant, Kleinburg, Aurora, and the new release of CityTowns.

If you’re stopping by on the weekend to research what finishes and/or upgrades you think you’d like in your new home, or you’re just curious to see what we offer, our team will be happy to help! They can answer any questions related to our products, pricing, or anything else you may be wondering about.

Ready to take a look around?  






Our Design Studio is located in Brampton at Bovaird and the 410. Give us a call at 905-459-4854 to set up an appointment with a consultant!