There is nothing so misleading in the community building industry than a base price. A base price is engineered to make you think value, bang for your buck, and to encourage you to purchase. It’s also designed to look splashy in advertisements – that’s why so many first-time homebuyers are excited when they begin the buying process, but walk out of their initial consultations feeling upsold and confused. Where do these numbers even come from?

Usually, listed prices are for base models – much like buying a car, the list price is almost never what you’ll pay, because you’re shown a base model first. Prices appear low, but then the buyer gets nickel-and-dimed while they’re trying to build the home of their dreams. Real wood stairs? Upgrade costs. High ceilings, rough-in fixtures, extended cabinets, hardwood? Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Not only is this approach dishonest, we think it takes the joy out of buying a home altogether. That’s why our base models are anything but basic.

In all Paradise Developments communities, upgrades come standard and our pricing is all-inclusive. That means you’ll see everything you want included in the list price – 9’ ceilings, oak stairs, cold cellars, rough-ins, and all-brick exteriors, plus so much more. We also include a decor package and homeowner seminars to make sure you have to tools to make your home’s interior as well-made and tasteful as it’s exterior. We find this approach creates many more happy homebuyers. Take this example, from Aurora Trails.


Our standard inclusions would cost an average of $58,000 extra in upgrade fees from other builders! We know how important it is to be able to make honest cost comparisons, which is why we’ll always give you the real cost of the home you want. Plus, if there comes a time when you’d like to sell your home, our standard inclusions will retain their value and ensure you don’t need to call in a construction crew to make your home resale-ready.

Whichever community you want to call home, call or e-mail us today to see if living in a community where upgrades come standard is right for you.

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