At Paradise Developments, one of our main focuses when we’re developing communities is our commitment to customer service. We tailor every fit, feature and design accent to be completely homeowner-centric. From the day of purchase to the day you’re handed the keys to your brand new home, we work to deliver on the promise that your home is being built with your interests front and center.

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We make sure that our homes come with more than what other developers offer. We take our design cues from Californian style, offer features standard that would usually cost extra, and build our homes based on the way people really live – prioritizing space where you’ll need it the most. In Paradise, extra comes standard.

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We’re up front with our disclosure policies. We make sure that every purchaser knows about every cost and payment plan beforehand so that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

New Home Construction Framed with Wood Studs

We set incredibly high standards for our construction team and make sure that every step of the way is thorough, up to code and most importantly, done right on time. We also make sure to schedule many appointments with the decor centre to make sure all of the decor in your home is perfect by time of PDI

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Leading up to the closing date, we conduct what will be known as the Paradise Academy. This is a customer care seminar for new homes. It will provide the homeowner with all of the information they need to not only contact Paradise, but everything else needed to transition into being a homeowner.

This is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make – that’s why we strive to make it one of the best, by giving you as much information as possible for peace of mind and satisfaction down the road.