While many GTA-ers are probably rejoicing at the lack of snow we’ve gotten in the area, others aren’t so thrilled. For many, winter is their favourite time of year. Not only is it picturesque, but the winter specific activities you can take part in are heaps of fun. For those who like to frolic in the snow they have to wait all year long to hit the slopes to snowboard, ski, or toboggan. A fresh coat of snow is also necessary if you want to do some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Thankfully we’re expected to get a little over the weekend, and to celebrate, we’re listing off some great trails to snowshoe on in and around the Whitby area.


Central Park Trail


Image via @tinamonod on Instagram

Running the length of the green space between Michael Boulevard, this pleasant trail is a great place to take your snowshoes for their first ‘ride’ of the season.


Durham Forest


Image via @anastasiabalaceanu on Instagram

With rollings hills and a beautiful track, Durham Forest makes for a picturesque spot to go snowshoeing!


Heber Down Conservation Area


Image via @nick21taylor on Instagram

The Heber Down Conservation Area is a popular spot to visit and get outdoors year round. There are lots of scenic spots on the 5km of trails that run through this property, making it idyllic for snowshoeing.


Whitby Waterfront Trail


Image via @thomas_bonnick on Instagram

The Whitby Waterfront Trail is 10.6km of paved track, so you’ll likely need a healthy dusting of snow to snowshoe here. But on a wintery day you can enjoy this family-friendly trail to the fullest.


Altona Forest


Image via @onetwin on Instagram

Found near Pickering, the Altona Forest offers 3.2km of extensive trails, with lots of beautiful natural views.


Petticoat Creek


Image via @boomers24 on Instagram

Another Pickering-adjacent spot, Petticoat Creek is the perfect spot to hit the trails. Grab your snowshoes, take to the 1km track, and enjoy the view! The area has 69 types of trees, so you may want to do some research before you venture out.