Californian architecture is unlike any other style across the globe. A mish-mash of Spanish, Italian, and French styles, Californian homes are known for their airy architecture and heavy use of terraces, lookouts and windows to bring the outside in. Unlike other heavily populated areas where styles of architecture generally stem, California allows residents plenty of space creating a sprawling, more breathable home than traditional French or American architecture. How do we do it?

Open Architecture

  • By exposing architectural elements like staircases, we open up the home to create a breathable space that’s never claustrophobic.



Large Windows & High Ceilings

  • We master-plan our communities to preserve as much natural beauty as we can. That’s why it’s essential to offer more windows and higher ceilings than any other builder. Whether it’s the dead of a snowy white winter, or a sunny summer day, we think interiors come alive when you bring a touch of the outside, inside.


More Usable Space

  • We plan every inch of space to be functional, so you’ll never find square footage in the form of long hallways, big stair landings, or odd nooks and crannies in a Paradise build. Instead, logically planned rooms give you natural options for furniture placement to maximize your space to move or play.



Thoughtful Touches

  • Fresh executions of household necessities always keep things interesting. That’s why we’re constantly adding new touches to every element of a Paradise build – like space-saving, back-to-back sinks in Impressions in the Village of Kleinburg & Aurora Trails. 



We love this laid back, approachable style, – that’s why we’ve been putting West Coast inspiration in our builds since the very beginning. These design elements are touches you won’t find in with any other builders. Plus, many of our homes come in both traditional and progressive styles, so whether you’re super sleek-minded or prefer something more rustic, you’ll still enjoy this style sensibility.

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