The satisfaction that comes from preparing a home-cooked, delicious meal is like no other. Not only can you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, but you can smile knowing you’ve given your close friends and family something they enjoy. Want to take that level of contentedness to the next level? Grow the produce you use in your recipes in your own backyard! Growing and maintaining your own vegetables and fruits can be very satisfying, as well as a great activity to keep you outdoors and active all summer long, not to mention eating well! Here’s a look at some great and easy options to include in your edible garden this year. 




Things like basil, cilantro, parsley, chives and rosemary will grow pretty much anywhere and don’t requite a lot of attention. Something simple to plant in your garden, but helps add a boost of flavour to any meal. If planting them in a larger garden rather than pots, plan to put them around the perimeter of where larger plants lay.




Perfect for your salads, topping a juicy burger, or on their own, tomatoes are lots of fun to watch grow. Start them out as small plants before planting in the garden and watch as they flourish.




Zucchini do incredibly will in a home vegetable garden, and not only do they provide a squash, but delicious (and very pretty) blossoms as well.


Leafy Greens


All kinds of leafy greens including lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, or kale will add to your garden’s bounty. Plant in a shady area or next to taller plants, as they grow quite well close to the ground.




Want to make your homemade stuffed peppers all the more impressive? Grow your own! Be sure to pick a few early, when they’re a little smaller and still edible, to help stimulate continued growth on the plant for more fruit in the future.


Snow Peas


Snow peas are nature’s perfect burst of flavour and freshness! They’re an excellent addition to your edible garden too! Snow peas grow best in cooler temperatures, so springtime is the best time to plant these delicious, green treats.




Your garden is now full of savoury bounty, but needs more on the sweet side, don’t you think? Start with strawberries. These tasty berries do quite well in an outdoor edible garden, and do best when planted early spring in a sunny spot of the garden.




Image via @mr_rthmllr on Instagram

This tart plant is a welcome addition to any sweet, summer dessert recipe. Plant in the spring and be sure to keep up with maintenance: removing flowers as they blossom and watering during dry periods.


Plant your edible garden carefully, provide tender, love, and care as the season goes on, and watch with excitement as your bounty thrives right before your eyes and on your plate!