In case you somehow missed the memo, spring is the time to get organized. The phrase spring cleaning? Yeah, that’s where it comes from. In the winter, when it’s cold and your main concern is just to get cozy as soon as possible, it’s easy to let your home’s cleanliness fall by the way side, and for clutter to creep up. From your kitchen, to your closet, to your garage, every corner of your home could use a little sprucing up come spring. Want a great place to start? How about the garage?

As spring continues and eventually turns into summer, your garage is going to get a lot of use. This is where you’ll be keeping all the things you use for outdoor maintenance, fun outdoor recreation, and all the tools for those projects you plan to tackle this summer, making this a smart place to get started.

Divide and Conquer


Image via @practicallyperfectla on Instagram

Before you get going with this organizational project, clear the space out entirely. This way you’ll be able to a) see what kind of space you actually have in the garage and b) take stock of all the things you have in there. This will give you a chance to get rid of what you may no longer need and make more space. Next, divide all the remaining stuff into piles depending on what they’re used for: gardening, home repair, sports, car. When you go to organize everything later, you can keep the categories organized this way.

Smart Storage


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The key to an organized garage (or any space for that matter) is smart storage. Think vertically. Take advantage of your garage’s walls and even the ceiling using shelves and hooks to store your things and free up floor space. Creative use of shelving and drawers will help you keep all your supplies organized and separate. Consider using peg board to display and label your tools, so you always know where things should be (or what’s missing for that matter).

Work Space That Works


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If you have the room for it, a work space in your garage is ideal. This is often where you’ll be working on projects, so it makes sense to have a space nearby to sit down, think things out and get things done. Whether it’s a simple collapsable work bench, or a big table with drawers and cupboards, keep your workspace tidy so you have room to work.

Keep It Clean


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It’s especially easy for your garage to become a bit of a mess over the winter months with all the slush, salt, and mud making its way in. When everything’s out of the garage, be sure to give it a thorough scrub down, so you’re starting with a fresh slate. Treat it like any other room in your home, sweeping, mopping, and dusting on a regular basis. Add a fresh coat of paint or new lighting to kiss the dinginess goodbye once and for all.

Check this cleaning project off your to-do list first and you’ll be one step closer to tackling that yard work/car repair/DIY project you’ve been meaning to get to!