We’ve seen some great progress on our various projects throughout 2016. It’s so exciting to see the growth in our communities as we create new homes. You may recall that we’ve also had some new releases this year, including some new releases this fall at Upper Mount Pleasant in Brampton! You can see where we left off in our last construction update. Let’s check back in on our projects and see where we’re at with things as 2016 comes to a close!


At our CityTowns site in Brampton, we’ve made some great progress! All framing has been completed and we only have two blocks left to complete the brick on. We’re continuing to work on exterior trim and soffit. We’re full speed ahead working on all of the interior finishings and we can’t wait for homeowners to move in!

citytowns-1 citytowns-2 citytowns-3 citytowns-4


At Impressions in the Village of Kleinburg, we are just about to brick the last house. With only a few houses left to insulate, our focus is on the inside. We are working away at interior finishing details such as drywall, taping, kitchen installs and flooring. Everything is really coming together here as you can see!

kleinburg-1 kleinburg-2-1 kleinburg-3-1

Upper Mount Pleasant

Over at our Upper Mount Pleasant site in Brampton we are finished framing! Now we’re busy working on wrapping up the exterior work.

ump-1 ump-2 ump-3

Aurora Trails

We are nearing the end of all of our brick work at Aurora Trails, which means that we’re wrapping up our exterior construction. We closed our first four units this week and are on schedule to make our closings. So exciting!

aurora-1 aurora-2

Stay tuned for more big things to come in 2017 and all the best to you and your family in the new year!