Nothing holds your hand, drags you to the shower and says “it’s time to roll out of bed and conquer today” like an encouraging mug of hot coffee – or iced coffee, if you’re into that. Luckily for us, Brampton feels the same way about caffeinated beverages, and proof of that lies in the fact that our city has so many cafe options to choose from! Here are ten places that will give you that zing you’re looking for!



1. Starbucks, 65 Dufay Road

You’re no stranger to Starbs, and you might have mixed feelings about the wait line, but you always go back for a reason – it’s home. Your expectations are always met, the staff knows your name, your drinks will never let you down and the space  is always familiar and inviting. Make your way home in Brampton again.


2. Tim Hortons, 10621 Chinguacousy Road

Good old Timmies is always there for every Canadian who needs a pick-me-up! You can’t go wrong with a classic Double-Double paired with exceptionally yummy and perfectly bite-sized Timbits!


3. Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery, 10525 Bramalea Road

Comfy couches, a whole list of drinks to choose from and a friendly atmosphere? What else could you possibly need? Head over to Coffee Culture to chill and wind down, or plug in and get work done!


4. Second Cup, 74 Quarry Edge Drive

You know why Second Cup is called Second Cup? Because one just isn’t enough in there – the drinks are good, the food is good, and you’ll need to refuel to get through that paper, assignment or just the day!


5. Nestle Toll House Cafe, 25 Peel Centre Drive

Stop by at the Nestle Toll House Cafe at the Bramalea City Centre for a few shots of espresso and other caffeinated goods!


6. Caffe Demetre, 50 Peel Centre Drive Building

While you can get your daily caffeine fix at Caffe Demetre, it’s the delicious sweet treats that will keep you coming back. Here you can also satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with hand-crafted ice creams, decadent crepes and waffles, classic milkshakes, and ridiculously tasty sundaes!

7. House of Cards Board Game Cafe, 12 Queen Street East

Not to be mistaken for the super popular show, House of Cards is the place to be to win at life! This board game cafe offers all kinds of games from Taboo to Monopoly to Catan – but it’s also a straight-up cafe with a menu! Treat yourself to coffee and desserts as you beat everyone at a round of Cards Against Humanity! 


8. Macaronz, 43 Queen Street East

While living in Brampton is wonderful, every once and a while it’s nice to day dream and pretend you’re in Paris. Visit Macaronz and your imagination won’t have to do as much work! Here you can enjoy a picturesque afternoon high tea, complete with mochaberry coffee, and treats like cookies, profiteroles, and a beautiful selection of everyone’s favourite French dessert – macarons!


9. Bruin Coffee House, 7899 McLaughlin Road

Located a mere stone’s throw from Sheridan College’s Davis Campus, Bruin Coffee House is the perfect place to grab a quick cup of java to keep you going.


10. Sweet Breeze Cafe, 20 Polonia Avenue

If you’re looking for a cozy and relaxing vibe in which to enjoy your next coffee fix, Sweet Breeze Cafe is the place for you. Here you can sit back in a quiet and cozy space to enjoy a simple cup of coffee, or indulge in a nice slice of cake.