When you think of Whitby, you think of small town charm. While there is no lack of charm in this lovely community, that doesn’t mean Whitby is sleepy. If anything, it’s the opposite! The population has been on the rise, with a 5.2% change reported between 2011 and 2016. Being a 30 minute drive from Toronto definitely has its benefits. On one hand you’re just a short ride away from a bustling city centre, but on the other, you’re just far enough away to enjoy the peace, quiet, and sense of neighbourhood that only a close knit community like Whitby can provide. It’s this community that makes Whitby such a great place to live. We spoke to some of Whitby’s most beloved small businesses and asked them what it is that they <3 about Whitby. Here’s what they had to say:


Laurel from Mint Floral Co


Image via @mintfloralco on Instagram

I grew up in Whitby and have lived here most of my life. I remember lots of farmers fields when I was a kid and the development that has taken place over the past 30 years has been amazing. This and the fact that Whitby was very familiar to me, made it an ideal place for me to open my retail business, Mint Floral Co in 2014. We are located right in the heart of downtown Whitby and specialize in fresh, seasonal flowers, unique plants and locally made gifts. We also offer hands-on workshops and bridal party flowers. The Whitby community has welcomed us since day one and we couldn’t be more thankful!!

For more information about Mint Floral Co visit their website www.mintfloralcowhitby.com or add them on social media. Instagram @mintfloralco


Cathi from The Whitby Soap Company


Image via @thewhitbysoapco on Instagram 

There’s something about Whitby that keeps drawing me back. Not only am I a proud resident of Whitby, Ontario but I also lived just outside of Whitby in England before moving to Canada! Did you know the cities are twinned?

While at first glance the only noticeable similarity may appear to be that both are situated by water & have glorious countryside only a hop, skip & a jump away, there are many other commonalities. The welcoming nature of the residents is one I’ve witnessed on both continents; “Whitbyites” seem to enjoy making friends with people who appreciate being there. In both locations you’ll find a spirit of hard work and a can-do attitude that seems to draw people with an entrepreneurial drive. Small independent businesses pop up and thrive as locals embrace supporting their own. This has certainly been true for me and a key reason behind the name of my business The Whitby Soap Company. Whitby gets double the love from me!

For more information about The Whitby Soap Company add them on social media. Instagram @thewhitbysoapco Twitter @whitbysoapco and Facebook The Whitby Soap Company Available at Olive That and Humphrey’s Boutique


Jessica & Sean from Cupcake Junkie Cafe


Image via @cupcakejunkiewhitby on Instagram 

Cupcake Junkie and Whitby have shared a whirlwind romance right from the start. From the very beginning the city of Whitby has supported our business and provided a great testing ground for all of our culinary creations. The people of Whitby are a young, hip demographic that Cupcake Junkie strives to impress. We share a strong partnership with the town; our customers are loyal to us, and we in turn, support their interests by sponsoring sports teams and providing free samples for local events. Cupcake Junkie appreciates the town of Whitby for all of its unending support and is excited about continuing this relationship for many more years to come.

For more information about the Cupcake Junkie Cafe visit their website cupcakejunkiecafe.com or add them on social media. Instagram @cupcakejunkiewhitby Twitter @Cupcake_Junkie_ and Facebook Cupcake Junkie Bakery & Cafe


Brianna from Lil Organic Kitchen


Image via @lilorganickitchenwhitby on Instagram 

We here at LOK love the sense of community and inclusiveness Whitby offers. As well as our customers’ desire to live their best life by eating healthy and asking questions and/or sharing their knowledge of health and wellness. Coming to LOK isn’t like other restaurants. We form lasting relationships with our customers and I think that is a key part of what we do here (besides the delicious food).

For more information about Lil Organic Kitchen visit their website lilorganickitchen.com or add them on social media. Instagram @lilorganickitchenwhitby and Facebook The Lil Organic Kitchen Whitby


Bernadette from Lafontaine


Image via @lafontainewhitby on Instagram 

Lafontaine is one of Downtown Whitby’s longest running retail establishments, at almost 28 years!  We are located right at the ‘4 corners’. Whitby is a great place to raise children, as the owners can attest.  They have used all the wonderful things available – hockey, ringette, soccer,  music, dance, theatre, not to mention the educational opportunities, with French immersion options and performing arts at the high school level.

Whitby also has a vibrant downtown, with a growing number of amazing restaurants, interesting boutiques  and 2 craft beer houses on the way! Why do people move to Whitby?  We like to think it is the charming downtown, slower pace, the beautiful lake front & the amazing Abilities Centre, an inclusive environment gym. Yes, the big city is close at hand when needed, but most find they don’t need to!

For more information about Lafontaine visit their website lafontainewhitby.ca or add the on social media. Instagram @lafontainewhitby Twitter @wearLafontaine and Facebook Lafontaine Whitby


If it wasn’t already obvious, we love Whitby too! The reasons are numerous. With all the friendly faces, green space, and community events it’s an amazing place to call home. We’re so excited to be a part of the Whitby Meadows community that will bring new life to the area. Be sure to register for updates, so you get all the updates before we open this fall!