Whitby is a suburb that has recently been transformed into an urban to-go spot that has many economic developments on its way in the near future. As one of the most popular places in the Greater Toronto Area, is this really as great as it seems? Read on and you will find out. 

Whitby City Hall Building (Durham Radio News)

Living in Whitby: A Brief History 

Whitby was incorporated as a town in the year 1855 and was first called Perry’s Corner, named after one of the earliest settlers Peter Perry. It housed many settlers and their families for more than a hundred years before major changes began to be made. 

In the year 1968, the township and town of Whitby formed a new municipality. Then, when the county of Ontario was dissolved in the year 1974, Whitby was made a municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham. During most of the 19th century, the area of Whitby was known for its transportation because of its accessible harbor, railway, and its multitude of roads. 

However, they began losing the title of transportation central when Toronto overtook due to their population boom and need for better public transit. After that, they became known as a suburb where many people settled to start a family. 

Over the years, Whitby has had several big names live and work in the area. This included William Lyon Mackenzie, who led so many meetings in support of the rebellion against the government of Canada that the town was called Radical Corners. 

The sports team known as the Whitby Dunlops call Whitby home and are a hockey team that is a part of the Allan Cup Hockey League. They were able to win the Hockey World Championship Title in 1958 and have been celebrated ever since. 

Now that you have a little bit of knowledge about the history of this city, let us talk about why this particular town is a great area to settle down in! 

Top 7 Reasons for Moving To and Living in Whitby

Whitby Centennial Building (Doors Open Ontario)

#1. It Was Named One of The Best Places To Live In Canada 

If you are looking for a place to live, then heading to one of the highest-rated options in all of Canada is a good place to start. 

MoneySense Magazine’s 2014 issue mentioned the city of Whitby as one of the top areas to move to in the entire country for regions that had a population of over 100,000 but less than 400,000. Living in Whitby is considered an amazing experience, and if you move there, you will get a chance to see exactly why they were added to this list. 

#2. You Get Urban Feel With A Bit Of Small Town Life 

Life in Whitby is a blend of two completely different worlds that make this region as unique as possible. With dozens of hip coffee shops and modern shopping centers mixed with traditional architecture and a laid-back small-town attitude, you get to experience that mixture wherever you go. 
If you want to escape for an even more rural experience, cities like Aurora and Pickering aren’t far away. Brampton is also close, meanwhile, and offers a more urban feeling. All are perfect for a day trip from Whitby!

#3. You Will Have A High Quality of Life 

There are many areas of your life that are affected by where you live, and having a good quality of life is important. Whitby has a high number of jobs available for a high income, a great sense of community for those who are in need, and provides a progressive education to students while also providing quality healthcare for their residents. 

Here, you can stay healthy and happy with less effort. 

#4. Whitby Does Not Have A High Cost of Living 

For an area that offers so much to its residents, it may seem like the price of living there would be out of reach. That is not the case in Whitby. The cost of living in this region is fairly low when you consider the low cost of food and transportation in the area. Although housing is not the cheapest, it is lower than anything you will find in the Toronto area. 

#5. Low-Priced Housing Options 

Although the prices of housing are not known to be the cheapest around, it is low for the quality that you get and how close you are to many different places, like Toronto. So, how far is Whitby from Toronto? Well, it is 44 km, and the road distance is about 54 km away. This comes out to a 40-minute drive to one of the biggest cities in Canada. The average house price is just over $600,000 in Whitby, while in Toronto the houses get into the million-dollar range. 

With this proximity to anything that you could want to do, you will have housing options that are priced low for the high quality they are and are much cheaper than what you will see in Toronto. They are also affordable rental housing options for those who need some help finding somewhere they can afford. 

#6. Great Location For Commuting To Work 

With the town of Whitby being so close to Toronto, finding work in the big city and commuting is a great option. Bigger cities offer jobs at large companies that might have a higher pay per year, and being close to one that is within driving distance will allow you to find jobs that give you the pay you deserve. It is also close to the 401 and 407 so freeway access is easy. 

This also allows access to public transportation that is aimed at taking people to and from major cities for those who don’t want to drive themselves. 

#7. There Are Many Things To Do in Whitby 

Though this town might feel like a small-town home, there is no shortage of things to do here. Want to know what to do in Whitby, Ontario? Well, there are multiple arenas that you can choose to visit and watch a hockey game, including the famous Iroquois Park Sports Centre and the Luther Vipond Memorial Arena. 

Facts About Whitby 

Interested in learning more about Whitby, find out interesting facts below! 

Whitby Has Two Sister Cities 

Whitby, Ontario has not one but two different sister cities: Feldkirch, Austria and Longueuil, Canada. 

Map Of Whitby