In 2020, house sales in Canada are expected to rise to 529,000 from the 486,800 sold in 2019. In recent years, the Canadian housing market has been going through a period of change. Demand for houses is increasing, and along with it, the price of houses.

A significant proportion of homebuyers are people looking to settle down and start a family. The process of buying can be tedious, and there are a lot of things to consider to ensure your investment is worth it in the long run. Other than the house, it’s essential to assess the neighbourhood as a whole. Find out how secure it is, what social amenities are in the vicinity, and whether it’s good for children.

One city that has attracted a lot of attention from home buyers is Pickering. Officially incorporated in the year 2000,
Pickering is located near Lake Ontario, 43 km east of Toronto and just 10 km west of Ajax. The city’s population is projected to rise from 100,000 residents in 2019 to 190,000 in the mid-2030s

Is Pickering a good place to live? In this article, you’ll find detailed reviews of Pickering neighbourhoods that will give you a satisfying answer to that question. 

Brougham: Best Neighbourhood in Pickering for History Lovers

In the Northern part of Pickering, is a neighbourhood known as Brougham. This area is home to many buildings with architectural significance. For those who love history, Brougham is undoubtedly one of the best neighbourhoods in Pickering. Some of the buildings here go back as far as the mid-19th century during the Mackenzie rebellion. 

More importantly, the neighbourhood is ideal for young families. Schools and other amenities such as shopping outlets and restaurants are conveniently located around the area. From an investment perspective, properties in Brougham are expected to increase in value once construction of the proposed Pickering Airport begins. 


Formerly known as Majorville, Whitevale is one of the best neighbourhoods in Pickering. This area has historical significance as people first settled here in the 1820s.  

The community here is friendly and close-knit, with numerous annual events that keep their bond strong. Some of the popular events that even attract outsiders include: 

• Fisherman’s Breakfast

Whitevale Spring Festival

• Corn Roast

• Christmas Craft Show

In addition to the year-round events, Whitevale offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor excursions.  Along West Duffins Creek is the Seaton Hiking Trail which is 12.7 km long. The trail is accessible from the south side of Whitevale Park or the northern side of Whitevale Bridge and makes its way to Green River. 

When you need to take a weekend vacation, you can head to West Duffins Creek to do some fishing. The wide variety of fish available includes Chinook salmon, brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout among others.  

As a place to raise children, Whitevale is perfect. Whitevale Park is the community’s recreation hub and hosts most of the events. The park also has a soccer field, baseball diamond, and kids’ playground. There are few, if any, Pickering neighbourhoods that can compare to Whitevale.  

Kinsale: Best Pickering Neighbourhood for Families

If you’re one who prefers retreating to a place that’s calm, quiet, and serene, then Kinsale will be your pick among Pickering neighbourhoods.  This region was part of York County in the Home District of Upper Canada. However, after the 1974 municipal reorganization, it’s now part of Durham region. The area is home to family setups and houses available range from modest single-family houses to lush mansions fit for royalty.

Kinsale is a great place to raise children as houses come with expansive compounds for them to play, and it’s safe too. Undoubtedly, the favourite sport in Kinsale is golf as there are multiple golf clubs. They include the Lakeridge Golf Club, Lyndebrook Golf Club, and Royal Ashburn Golf Club among others. In terms of golf courses, Kinsale is comparable to what you’d find in a city like Brampton but with reduced traffic and crowding evocative of Pickering.”


In southern Ontario is Claremont, one of the Pickering neighbourhoods rich in history. This suburban community on the northern side of Pickering has ranch-style village-style houses as well as modern houses.

The area features expansive farmlands, forests, and streams. As such, if you’re an explorer by nature, there are a lot of sites to see. Thanks to Highway 407, getting in and out of Claremont is hassle-free. 

If you love history and art, you’ll appreciate the various architectural periods exhibited by Claremont buildings. Architectural periods that feature prominently include neo-classical revival, Victorian, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Craftsman.

When it comes to children, they’ll enjoy the playing fields, mountain hiking trails and schools.    

Seaton: Best Pickering Neighbourhood for Recreation

In the early 1970s, the provincial government of Toronto brought forward a proposal to build a community to the northeast of Toronto. The settlement was to be developed together with the federal airport (which was not built) and be home to roughly 200,000 people. 

After years of tinkering with the plans, the Central Pickering Development Plan was completed in 2006. In this plan, the project involves a 70,000 settlement in Seaton plus an agricultural zone on the western side of Duffins Creek. The Central Pickering Development Plan is projected to create over 35,000 jobs.

Upon completion, Seaton will have many recreational amenities and houses with modern designs and the finest finishes. Though planning and design work is still ongoing (including by us at Paradise Developments, via our Seatonville project), Seaton promises to be one the best neighbourhoods in Pickering.  

Is Pickering a Good Place to Live?

There are only a few neighbourhoods in the whole Canada that are as family-friendly as Pickering. The people are welcoming and there’s a strong sense of community. 

More importantly, Pickering has all the ideal elements of an enjoyable place to live in. It’s easy to travel to and from the area, and there are many recreational events suitable for both children and adults. As such, it’s safe to say that Pickering is a great place to live.

Map of Pickering

A Glimpse at Life In Pickering

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