How clean is the air inside your home? It’s a question we don’t really think about, and something we would assume would already be clean. With the amount of toxins in the air due to pollution, it is hard to control what we breathe in – but all hope is not lost! We’ve gathered some tips on how to purify the air in your home to make sure it is cleaner than ever.

Beeswax Candles

Strange, but it works! Unlike wax candles, Beeswax candles do not produce any smoke and actually clean the air by releasing negative ions. Little did we know, regular candles can release toxins in the air that are not okay for us to breathe in. Despite our love for scented candles, Beeswax candles can remove unwanted toxins and help you breathe in a little cleaner.


Increase Ventilation

One of the most advised tips to clean your indoor air is to reduce moisture levels. The go-to solution is to open some windows and get some airflow, but due to the amount of pollution outside it isn’t making your home any cleaner! In fact, it may be making it worse. Instead, make sure to use exhaust fans to eliminate any moisture you may have in the house.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Ever heard of a Himalayan Salt lamp? Not only are they bright and unique looking, but they provide a ton of benefits for your home. For those of you that get allergies this time of year, these salt lamps remove dust, pet hair, and many other culprits that may cause you sneezing every 5 minutes. These lamps work by absorbing water molecules, removes any unclean particles, and then releases them back into the air.


Image via Ivan Savochenko from FlickR


Low-VOC Paints

Thinking about re-doing your room? Some of the paints you use may not be healthy for you to breathe in. Pick out a colour with low-VOC paints, that do not release as much toxins as regular paints.


With these suggestions, you will be able to clean out any toxins you may have in your home and breathe easy! Not only will you have a cleaner home, but it will bring many healthy benefits for you as well.