It’s no secret that the winter months can be cold and gloomy. As such, when we’re at home we just want to be comfortable! We want to be cozy, and surrounded by warmth when we’re in our personal space. This may explain why people often see their utility bills soar in the winter months. We’re cranking the heat up to combat those wintery days, because being cold inside is not okay. But there are ways of staying comfy cozy without making your wallet suffer the consequences. Here are some tips on how to save on energy over the winter months. 

Dress Cozy


This is a reminder that bundling on the layers applies at home, as well as when you’re out and about. By dressing in cozy clothes at home, you won’t have to blast the heat.

Turn the Ceiling Fan On

This may seem counter-intuitive, given what you use your ceiling fan for in the summer, but it can help your cause. Set your ceiling fan to its lowest setting to help keep hot air in your home and circulating, rather than rising and disappearing. This will help heat your home more efficiently.

Seal Off Vents

If you don’t often use certain rooms, such as guest rooms or storage areas, then seal their vents off! Rather than having hot air get pumped from your furnace to these rooms no one is in, seal their vents off, so the heat isn’t sitting there unused.


Buy a Portable Heater

If you’re going to be in one room for most of the day, turn you furnace down, and instead just use a portable space heater to keep you toasty.

Get a Smart Thermostat


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Using a smart thermostat means you can adjust your home’s temperature from wherever you are! So if you’re not home, you can turn the furnace down low and save on energy!

Maintain Your Heating System

Make sure you get your furnace or boiler checked and maintained each season, so you know that it’s functioning as efficiently as possible.

Take Advantage of the Sun

If you have any south-facing windows, be sure to keep the curtains or blinds open during the sunny times of the day. This way your home will benefit from the heat of the sun.

Reduce Heat Loss from Your Fireplace

When you don’t have a roaring fire going, be sure to keep the damper closed, otherwise heat will escape up through your chimney.

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