One of the best things about a Californian style of home is that it gives you so much space to make use of around the holidays! It also means that your home is great for entertaining and chances are that you’re going to be hosting your family. When it comes to Christmas decor, there’s so much that you can do to dress up your home for the holiday season. From making use of those high ceiling to taking full advantage of all that extra space, these ideas will help you to deck the halls with loads of Christmas cheer.

Here are some of our favourite tips on how to decorate for Christmas:

Add some beautiful garlands for your staircase

Your bannister is the perfect spot to add a big garland. It’ll make your staircase so gorgeous – add in some lights and big festive bows to add to the ambiance.

Hang snowflakes from the ceiling

Got high ceilings and want to make use of all that space? Hang some snowflake ornaments or Christmas balls with fishing wire for a pretty magical look.

Fill in extra space with small trees, figurines and more

If you have ledges around your home, it’s the perfect spot to add a little tree for a pop of greenery where you wouldn’t expect it! These spots are also great to add in figurines like snowmen or Santa to spread some extra cheer throughout your home.

Make use of all that space with a giant tree

The biggest advantage of having a high ceiling? Having that large Christmas tree that everyone dreams about. Having a big tree in your space is sure to be a show-stopper and you’ll give your friends and family some serious tree-envy.

  • What’s your favourite piece of holiday decor for your home?
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Cover photo via Unsplash