Laundry day may be your least favourite day of the week right now. Let’s change that! These hacks will make your laundry room live up to its full potential and make cleaning up much less of a chore.

Create your own drying bar.

If you’re currently using a drying rack for some of those things that are best air dried (ahem, cotton button-down shirts, we’re looking at you) then you’re probably not making the best use of your space. Drying racks, while portable, take up a lot of space while not actually giving you as much space to hang things up as it would if you just installed your own drying bar using something such as a shower rod.

Organize all your essentials.

Getting a shelving unit that’ll fit your space is a lifesaver. Stock it full of everything that you need to get through laundry day in a pinch and you’ll feel like you’ve mastered the art of laundry. Give everything an assigned space and be sure to keep any cleaners up on the top shelf out of reach from kids and pets!

Keep a stain chart handy.

Save yourself some time in the future and be prepared for stains. Arm yourself with a handy stain chart that you can refer to when the need arises. Since each stain has its own cleaning method, this will save you future headaches.

Install some cork board.

You may not think of cork board as something handy to have in a laundry room, but think again! It’s a great place to pin up that stain chart as well as keeping any important washing instructions and extra buttons at the ready. If you have cabinets in your laundry room, you can add cork to the door’s interior or find some free space on your wall.

Create a folding station.

Do you normally just dump things into a laundry basket and fold on the bed or the couch? If you fold at all, that is (we’re not judging). But if you want to get in the habit, enable yourself by creating a folding station in part of the room where there’s space for a flat surface. You can make even more use of that space by using it as an ironing station too!

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