The process of getting a new home is quite thrilling. You’ve spent considerable time searching for the perfect place to live, and once you find it it’s hard to contain your excitement. You start daydreaming about how you’ll decorate, the dinner parties you’ll throw there, and the memories you’ll make. But there’s one last hurdle you must jump over before you’re actually living in this dream home – moving day. Some people dread moving day more than a trip to the dentist, but we’ve got 5 tips to make moving day a breeze. 


Organize Your Packing


Image via Beth Kanter on Flickr

The key to making moving day simple is being organized ahead of time. This starts with packing in an organized manner, rather than just cramming everything you own into random boxes. Firstly, label, label, label! Make sure you’ve clearly labelled your moving boxes. This way you know what items are where and what room they’re going to. Pack the boxes based on where you plan to put these items in your new home, this way you can have everything put in its right place. Other tips include properly protecting breakables (bubblewrap, newspaper etc.) and spreading out the heavy stuff. You don’t want anyone throwing out their back!


Set Essential Services Up Early


When moving from your old home to a new one there are some services you need to cancel and set up. Rather than having to deal with all this during the moving process, do it ahead of time! These include things such as setting up hydro and your Internet provider, as well as a change of address with the post office.


Put Together a Crew Well in Advance


Whether you’re using professionals or a group of strong and able friends, make sure to have your helping hands organized well before moving day. Be in communication with the team before the big day so you’re all arriving at the same time and  you can avoid waiting around, wasting precious moving hours.


Have a Strategy


It’s worth having a plan set out in your mind before moving day. This could include deciding which items you want put into the new home first, meaning those items get packed into the moving truck last. Or perhaps you have specific jobs for specific people to do. Whatever it is, it helps to have a strategy for how you want the packing and unpacking to play out, so you can quickly and easily delegate tasks.


Make a Moving Day Kit


It’s the extra things that are going to make moving day go smoothly, and even fun! In terms of being practical, make sure to pack an overnight bag with the personal essentials you may require for that first night in your place. Moving can go later than expected and you don’t want to be digging through boxes trying to find a toothbrush when you’re exhausted. Most importantly, you want you and your helpers (hired or otherwise) to be happy and agreeable as the day goes on. This can be ensured by providing lots of snacks, plenty of cold beverages, and a great playlist.