Summer’s quickly drawing to a close, and we have to say, it seems like it goes a bit faster every year. With most Ontarian kids heading back to school on September 8, you’ve got 2 weeks left to make the most of their free time. We’ll be spending the remaining weekends outside, grilling something delicious and playing a couple of these fun backyard games that work for almost any age. Check out our favourites below.



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Cornhole is traditionally played with beanbags full of dried corn, hense the name. With no setup and no cleanup, this one is low-maintenance – and fun! You’ll be surprised how a few tosses can turn into a full on tournament. You can buy a set at most toy stores, or DIY your own with this tutorial on Home Stories A to Z. 

Giant Jenga


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Everyone loves Jenga, and this giant set is the perfect addition to a patio or balcony. This one’s really simple to DIY – you can even get the lumber store to cut even lengths for you, so all you’ll need to do is paint. Make it using this A Beautiful Mess tutorial!

Lawn Bowling


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Sure, you could buy a set, but this version is both crafty and super-cute. Just empty out soda bottles, fill with pebbles or rice, and let the kids paint away! All you’ll need to buy is the ball. See the whole tutorial on

Human Bubbles 


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This one couldn’t be easier – and what kid doesn’t love bubbles? All you need is a wading pool and a hula hoop. Perfect for keeping kids occupied while you relax, and pretty fool-proof for all ages. Learn how to mix the solution at One Charming Party! 

Giant Scrabble 


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This super-simple DIY can be made any size, on wood, cardboard or even construction paper, and is really easy to clean up. If you have a Scrabble family, this outdoor version is a great way to get some sun while honing your skills. Get the whole DIY at Constantly Lovestruck. 

Will you be trying these out – or do you have a favourite backyard game of your own? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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