New Years Resolutions are always easier said than done. A week into January, are any of us still keeping the gluten-free, vegan, quit-smoking, quit-drinking, gym-going, money saving promises we made on New Years Eve? Have you even cracked your first book club novel?

That’s why we love New Years resolutions for the home. We think making your home both fresh & inspiring, as well as clean, organized and safe is a resolution that’s often undervalued – plus, creating a space you’re proud of is a great jumping-off point to accomplishing other goals. We’ve all heard the same home resolutions: de-clutter, decrease energy usage, paint an accent wall. Those are all good goals, but we think these three unusual new years resolutions for the home will make more engaging and rewarding tasks.


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Create a room that’s perfect for entertaining

Many of us would love to have guests every weekend, but life gets in the way. It’s hard to be on top of the toys, clothes and bits and pieces that get strewn around, nevermind keeping everything clean and tidy enough to welcome a pop-over.

So, challenge number 1 is creating a space where guests always have somewhere to visit. Whether that’s a sunroom, porch, living room or den, the ideal room has ample, comfortable seating, unstuffy but thoughtful decor, and greets your guests with a welcoming atmosphere. Create a place you’d like to be welcomed into, because our houses become homes when we fill them with people we enjoy!

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Give your bedroom the attention it needs

Often, our bedrooms become the last priority in our homes: they become catch-alls for clutter, furniture graveyards, laundry receptacles, or makeshift home offices. But going to sleep and waking up surrounded by clutter, undone chores, and work starts your day off on a sour note, and can end it on a stressful one.

Instead, consider the storage solutions that might work for you, and make them happen. Whether that’s adding more storage, creating a space for work outside the bedroom or sorting your laundry elsewhere, make 2015 the year you take your bedroom back.

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Clean All The (Other) Things

Whether you’re single, coupled up, have kids or just pets, 12 months of foot traffic can wreak havoc on all parts of your home! While sheets and towels get washed fairly regularly, other textiles like couch upholstery, curtains, table cloths, bath mats, dish towels, carpets, and bedskirts can get dingy and stained without you noticing. Commit to properly cleaning and disinfecting all of these – a little white vinegar and the hot setting on your washer will do the trick for most – and your home will feel and smell brighter and fresher.

Walls and windows (even ceilings!) also tend to accumulate marks, smudges and fingerprints we don’t notice until they’re overwhelming. Make a point of cleaning and disinfecting these often-ignored surfaces, and you’ll notice a difference.

What are you working on improving in 2015?  

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