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Design Trends March 11, 2015

Design Trends We Love for 2015

We’re all about design at Paradise – not only in the progressive architecture, but in the decor of every room. That’s why we offer comprehensive decor workshops for all of our new homeowners. The devil’s in the details, though, so on top of picking the right fixtures and finishes, here are a few new trends that’ll make you feel right at home – click through any of these images to find their source.

Uncategorized January 7, 2015

3 Unusual New Years Resolutions A Brighter, Better Home

New Years Resolutions are always easier said than done. A week into January, are any of us still keeping the gluten-free, vegan, quit-smoking, quit-drinking, gym-going, money saving promises we made on New Years Eve? Have you even cracked your first book club novel?

That’s why we love New Years resolutions for the home. We think making your home both fresh & inspiring, as well as clean, organized and safe is a resolution that’s often undervalued – plus, creating a space you’re proud of is a great jumping-off point to accomplishing other goals. We’ve all heard the same home resolutions: de-clutter, decrease energy usage, paint an accent wall. Those are all good goals, but we think these three unusual new years resolutions for the home will make more engaging and rewarding tasks.